Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Scott tagged me. This is horribly unfair because everyother blog I've read where the person has been tagged, they need only supply five answers. Seven is really pushing it. Anyway, here goes:

Seven Answers to Seven Questions

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1) Have kids. Yes, this is somewhat obvious, but sometimes people assume I’m too career oriented to have kids. Really, I just want to make the best life I can before sharing it with my children.

2) Visit every continent except Antarctica. I’ve never been overseas and would really love to see Europe. Then I got to thinking about how I’d also like to see China or India or go on an African safari. So, I’d like to make sure I see all these places. But Antartica doesn’t interest me much. I lived in Minnesota for 23 years.

3) Get a paper published in Nature magazine. Every scientist’s dream.

4) Design my own home and have it built. Everything exactly the way I want it.

5) Read the whole Bible. Not because I’m especially religious I just want to know what the fuss is about.

6) Win a Nobel Prize (not likely, but PLANNING on doing it makes me work even harder…)

7) Build a refuge/shelter/sancuary for stray animals.

Seven things I can do:

1) Install new speakers in a car (as of this weekend, yay!).

2) Play piano. Really well.

3) Write technical papers, a talent I didn’t know I had until I wrote my Masters’ thesis.

4) Cook.

5) Listen when people have problems or need to vent.

6) Talk sports, politics, science, music, literature, and movies when required at social functions, though not always dispassionately.

7) I can still sleep for 12 hours at a stretch. Something my parents thought I’d grow out of eventually. Nope!

Seven things I cannot do:

1) Drive on the freeway. A phobia I’ve had since I started driving. I’ve gotten better on interstates when it’s not as trafficky, but driving on the freeway through the city absolutely terrifies me to the point of paralysis.

2) Eat carrots without gagging.

3) Throw stuff away. I get that from the Frey side of the family.

4) Confront people who need confronting. I’m trying to get better because I know I will be eaten alive in a competitive environment. I just know that in the lab life is easier when people don’t hate you for calling them out on things they’ve done wrong. I’ve always had strong people in my life to fight my battles for me. I realize this and would like to be one of those people, instead of depend on one.

5) Lie or fake sincerity. Luckily I’m often genuinely sincere.

6) Sing. I truly suck at it.

7) Tolerate cold weather.

Seven things that attract me to another person:

1) The ability to make me laugh. When someone has the same sense of humor as me, it is a tremendous turnon.

2) Compassion towards people and animals.

3) Thoughtfulness. If people show me that they think about me besides when they are in my presence, I am immensely flattered.

4) Passion. Not physical passion, a true, deep love for something.

5) Humility. Being able to laugh at yourself.

6) Shoulders. The first thing I notice on a man.

7) Inquisitiveness and eagerness to try/learn new things.

Seven things I say most often:

1) “It’s over.” When the guys and me were coming back from a conference in Montreal it was becoming increasingly obvious we were going to miss our flight. Jeff was speeding to the airport, we had taken wrong turns, gotten pulled over and stopped by customs. We finally took another wrong turn at which point I just said, “it’s over.” The guys cracked up and it’s been our catch-all phrase for giving up ever since.

2) “Gosh!” (from Napolean Dynamite. I know it’s cliché right now, but I can’t help myself).

3) “F*ck this place.” Something Dean sleepily mumbled one night after being awoken by a feline-induced crash in the closet. Now we say it whenever the kitties do anything dumb, which is often.

4) “Soot!” When my roommates and I used to watch my stepsister when she was little, we were careful to watch our language around her. One of us shouted “shoot!” once when we were upset and Emma excitedly keep repeating “Soot! Soot!” It’s still often said with the same vigor when us girls get together.

5) “Yeah, not so much.”

6) “Have you checked…lying around?” (In response to “Have you seen my wallet, cell phone, sample, voltmeter, etc.)

7) “Gi-normous.” My favorite descriptor.

Seven celebrity crushes:

1) Marlon Brando before he became an old, fat, eccletic weirdo. Back in the day he was a Hottie McHottie.

2) Bono. His voice, his lyrics, his rugged good looks, his humanitarian efforts. Enough said.

3) David Duchovny. My one geeky crush. Fox Mulder was the sexiest TV character EVER.

4) Marilyn Monroe. I don’t care if this makes me bi, she was gorgeous.

5) Bill Clinton. Don’t start with me until you’ve seen him speak in person.

6) Brad Pitt. I know, copout. Every woman loves him though because HE’S BEAUTIFUL.

7) Kevin Garnett. One word: YUM.

Seven bloggers I'm tagging:

I only know one other who hasn’t been tagged and that’s:



Scott said...

Those were some great answers! Thanks for playing along. I know what you mean about not always being dispassionate. I've lost a few friends talking politics. My goodness, I moved from the most liberal state to the second most, and you are from the third! I loved it, "I don't care if this makes me bi..." I got a good chuckle from that.

Anonymous said...

what, i no longer count as a blogger? i haven't been tagged yet or i would have tagged you... not that i really want to be tagged, i'm just stating that it would have been nice.
and loved the comment in regards to m. monroe too.

magnetbabe said...

Thanks! It took me a deceptively long time to actually think up things I wanted to do before I died. It was a fun excercie though. Thanks for thinking of me!

Of course you count. You're my inspiration. I thought of you first but didn't know if you wanted to be linked with my page since you seem to enjoy your anonymity. From what I've been hearing, you've been getting "tagged" plenty!

jenbeauty said...

Ohh the bible is a good one...I want to do that as well. I also would like to be able to read the Torah and possibly the Koran too.

Anonymous said...

how about i consider myself tagged by you and post my meme later today.
i do enjoy my anonymity and therefore appreciate that you did not link me to your page, thanks for the consideration.
and yes, i have been getting "tagged" plenty lately and am in a much better mood on a regular basis as a result.

mom said...

here is how "magnetbabe would have answered these questions when she was 5 years old....
things i plan to do before i die:
own absolutely EVERY small collectable in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD

things i can do:
watch the same movie 23 times in the next 2 years

things i cannot do:
pronounce the letter L

things that attract me to another person:
wearing a backpack inside out, having your first tooth pop out in gym

thing i say most often:

biggest celebrity crush:
hands down - sonny from the group exile

mom said...

p.s. great response to bubba69's last blog comment, he's still laughing coffe out his nose....