Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's Christmas Time in the Lab

Today is my last day at work for two weeks. I need to get stuff done before I can leave but distractions are abounding. We have Christmas music blaring (Harry Connick Jr.), we're drinking coffee and eating Christmas cookies and the worst distraction of all: the cutest twelve year old girl ever. My undergraduate student has been bringing her in since school is out and she wants to be a physicist when she grows up like her mom. Rock on! Instead of doing paperwork and working on my resume we are having fun with magnets making field lines with iron filings and playing with ferrofluids. She is not helping to supress the maternal instincts that have been kicking in the last six months or so.
I'm almost ready for trip to the great North tomorrow. A 10 day whirlwind tour of family and friends. Like many children of my generation, I have parents, step-parents, grandparents, step-grandparents, aunts, uncles and step aunts and step-uncles and cousins and step-cousins. I've always had the opinion that I'm lucky to have so many people caring for me, my family is really twice as big. But it also makes for complicated holidays, lots of shuffling back and forth which is compounded by the fact that I don't hacve a car of my own when I go up there. Even if I did, I haven't driven in snow and ice for 3 years which would make me hesitant.
I also must build in time for my three bestest friends- my girls from college. Every time I am in town it is a party of epic proportions starting with catching up, then reminiscing then devolving into utter silliness and resulting in a puppy-pile of passed out girls. Unfortunately as the years pass, the silliness lasts not as long and the passing out comes much earlier. Sometime I will have to write about our crazier experiences, though not our craziest ones: those are locked in the vault.
I must get back to work. I will try to write from my igloo!


dancingo4 said...

I'm so glad you are keeping the craziest times locked safely away. I wouldn't want to be exposed, say as Deano was in the last posting. Cripes - he was kind of thrown under the bus! Even by his Mom!

I'm sure there will be some good stories to tell about the "girls" when MagnetBabe returns from the great white north. And it is flippin' cold this week - just for you - a negative windchill and everything!

lefty_grrrl said...

Have fun!