Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes We Can

minnesotablue sent me this video via email. Whether you a fan of the O-Man or not, the inspirational message is infectious.

Pass it along.


Hot4Teacha said...

Dude, that is so cool!! He was in MN this weekend - HUGE lines outside the Target Center to see him. Gives me the chills to hear him speak - reminiscent of tapes of JFK...goosebumps all over!

Jeni said...

That was an absolutely AWESOME, incredible, and truly inspirational video.

And to the naysayers who would say we can't, I think it was Robert Kennedy who asked the question "Why Not?"

And "Why not?" indeed? Why can't we change this beautiful country, this nation of many people from virtually every country in the world living here, to be a land of prosperity (again) for everyone, not just the chosen few.


fermicat said...

Loved it!

I posted about Obama today. Of course, I already got a not-so-nice comment in response. :shrug: It is from one of my regulars, too. Can't please everyone...

Dianne said...

and so our karma connection continues magnetbabe. I posted this video last night.

As my friend Cathy said - it stands on its own as a work of art.