Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry guys, I knew it had been at least a week since I last posted, I didn't realize it had been closer to two. Big goings on here.

On top of trying to plan a move to Providence, I am also planning a last minute trip to France. Yep, nothing like a little international travel ALL BY MYSELF to put my nerves at ease. Funny story... a female professor who happens to be good friends with my advisor, is co-chairing a big magnetism conference in Aussois, France at the end of the month. She suggested I apply for a travel stipend to go since there were special funds set aside for women and minority post docs. So I submitted a general abstract which was accepted. Dr. Hari then told me IF I got the funding, he would help out a little but not all. He suggested that I go to our department chair and see if the department could help out as well, and then I would likely only have to pay a couple hundred dollars out of pocket, which isn't bad for a trip to France.

Anyway, I really doubted I would get the conference travel stipend. And even if I did, I figured with budgets being so tight there was no way the department chair would go for it. Well, guess what. I got the stipend. And the conference chair totally went for it. And now I am off to France at the end of the month.

Don't get me wrong, this is so exciting! But it is a lot of work. This from a girl who planned her wedding in an evening over a six pack of beers. I definitely can't handle planning a trip to the French countryside. Dr. Hari suggested I tack on a couple of days in Paris to the end of the conference and even thinking about Paris is giving me an ulcer. Paris itself sounds wonderful. But all by myself sounds downright scary.

Anyway, I will try to keep you posted about everything.


fermicat said...

Relax, it'll be fun! You can tell us all about it when you get back.

Jeni said...

WOW! You're really on a roll now girl! First a new job up in New England and now, a trip to France! Sounds like a good ship is finding your port!

Dianne said...

I was around your age when I had to travel to the UK for my brand new job. Alone!! To meet new owners of co. I worked for and to give a presentation.

Scared as all hell. But I'm so thrilled I went and I had a great time.

Paris kid. Paris!!

You can buy a sexy striped shirt for Deano ;)

Jackie said...

Sounds awesome! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help travel wise (I'm a travel consulant now, and it doens't cost you anything for me to look at different options for you, you only pay for whatever it is you choose to book). Anyway, if you have ANY questions or need any help, please feel free to ask! I'm just an e-mail away!!