Monday, December 08, 2008

Maybe I'll Get One for Hanukkah

My job has been keeping me sufficiently busy that Dean has felt compelled to help me in the kitchen lately. He's usually very good about keeping the living room picked up and doing the laundry. Thus far he has also been in charge of putting the dishes away but lately he also wants to help with other kitchen tasks which has forced me to loosen my death grip of control over all things kitchen. Which is probably a good thing.

Last night, after I made a huge pot of vegetable beef soup, I put Dean in charge of ladling the soup into single serving tupperware containers for freezer storage so the soup can be used for a couple quick dinners and lunches over the next two weeks.

Deano, parceling out soup: "Ugh, this takes so long."

Me, washing the dishes: "I know, but there isn't much of a way around it. Besides it saves so much time to be able to grab them out of the freezer when we want one or two."

Deano: "This would go a lot faster if you had a bigger dreidel."

Oy. He's still learning.


MIL said...

I love it!! Sorry I sent him out into the world with so little kitchen knowledge. At least you can teach him how you want it done!

Anonymous said...

Husbands. They should come with a training manual.

Hot4Teacha said...

I love Dean! Hilarious.

dr sardonicus said...

Tell Dean that sometimes I wish I had a bigger dreidel, too.

Minnesotablue said...

So happy you are feeling better. And Deano. What a guy!

gabrielle said...

Too funny!!!

Size does not matter with draidles. It’s all in the trained rotation of the wrist.

fermicat said...

Tell Deano that a coffee mug or a measuring cup makes a damn fine dreidel substitute when you need large scoops. ;D

Dianne said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for a giant dreidel!!

Hugs Deano for wanting to do more

and Brava girl for realizing that you need to relinquish control so that people can help you - I still struggle with that

MyUtopia said...

LOL, very funny! I admire your forethought in preparing meals to freeze.

magnetbabe said...

Yes, sometimes it is easiest to start from scratch. But I seriously wonder how he got by as a bachelor.

I feel like at this point, I could write it after all I've learned!

He loves you too. And it's pretty damn funny.

dr. s,
I don't know anyone who doesn't.

How did I get so lucky? Helpful and the unintentional comedic value is off the charts.

He definitely needs some more training.

He's not good at improvised kitchen utensils. I suggested dipping the entire container in and he balked at that. I don't care as long as it gets done.

Thanks. I relinquished control of gift wrapping this weekend. That was an adventure!

Thanks! I've been forced to be creative. Sometimes I feel like I'm cooking for an army, but it's so worth it during the week to come home and throw something in the microwave!