Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being a grown up can be so boring

The actual text messaging conversation I just had with Deano.

Him: What's 4 dinner 2nite?

Me: Veggie soup.

Him: What's 4 dinner 2morrow nite?

Me: Pulled pork sammies.

Him: Can we move up the pulled pork to 2nite? I'm excited 4 the draft and soup isn't really a good draft food. Maybe if it was chilli.

Me: No, I don't have the pork yet. I was gonna cook it overnite.

Me: Do u wanna order pizza?

Him: No, I want 2 go 2 Big Cheese on Saturday. Or maybe Mexican. We are in a tough spot now. What do you think?

Me: I have frozen chilli too. I can swap it out for soup.

Him: Keep the soup but maybe pick up some snacks.

Me: But it's ice cream night.

Him: What kind of ice cream do we have?

And so it continues...


Dianne said...

that is fabulous!! you are both adorable

looking forward to reading what you actually end up having for dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... How's Deano at cooking?

Natalie said...

Pizza. And Neapolitan ice cream.

Awful. He's the first to admit it.

Dianne said...

I hope it was Sicilian pizza to go with the Neopolitan Ice Cream ;)

was thinking of you last night - Siren had a total melt down during a bad storm and it felt like 6 years ago
but we're OK this morning :)

Hot4Teacha said...

Laughed my ass off at this post - good one, Nat! Are you prepping for the big birthday? Plans?

Beth said...

That's funny. My husband wouldn't text if he was down a mine shaft and that was his only way to survive.

What's your real IQ? Like the one they do at school? Mine was 135, but my son always says they're BS. I haven't checked his yet.

fermicat said...

My husband will text now and then. Usually just a one-off, not an exchange.

Happy 4th!