Friday, November 18, 2005

Fried Toroids

Dear Friend who I ate lunch with today,
I am so happy to hear that you finally started reading my blog. I thought you would like it, but more importantly you can now read what everyone else is raving about (by "everyone" I mean the one other mutual friend of ours that reads this on a regular basis). Like I said, I mostly started this as a way to keep my "Nothern" friends and family updated, but it's also for Florida friends and now other friends I've met out in the blogosphere. But after talking to you today I realize there are things I may forget to tell you about Dean or the kitties or converstaions I had with my mom where she uses a bunch of graphic language (just teasing- I love you, Mom!). In that sense it is still a very useful means of communication between people who talk on a regular basis.
And, to answer your question, I believe once a physicist, always a physicist. We tend to be an accepting community (as we should be, have you seen some of our members?!) and once a member, you're in for life. Kinda like how I said that that even though I do not practice and want little to do with the Catholic church, I have been baptized, confirmed and given communion. I will (unfortunately) be a Catholic forever. As a consequence, the Exorcist will always scare the piss out of me. You know that big Masters' degree hanging in your house? That's your baptism into the church of physics. And even if some day you do have to get a job deep frying toroids of dough and sprinkling them with sugar, the fact that you know they are toroids will be enough to remind you of what you are.
Your friend,


mom said...

welcome to the blog jill, it could only be you magnetbabe is talking about! caution if she asks to quote you on anything the answer is NO! everyone at my job that reads magnetbabes blog keeps asking me to talk dirty to them.

The Physicist said...

Yea!! Not only did I make your blog but I got my own dedicated day!

Mom, Good guess!! Was it the Fried Toroids that gave it away?

Wow not only am I reading someone's blog but I have now commented...I must be growing as a person....(and I don't just mean cause I ate too much at dinner last night.)

'[p; <--Saga says Hi to Nellie Bean, Wiggly Wriggly and Ally Cat

We missed you at the game yesterday.

And now that it is Sunday--

and since it is your page :)
GO Vikings!!

mr. schprock said...

Thanks for visitng my blog, Magnetbabe! What kind of physicist are you? Fundamentalist? Orthodox? Reformed? Are you in any way connected with the Church of Scientology?

I had toroids once, but they went away after a few days.

Scott said...

Mr Schprock is the best commentor out there! My wife and I don't practice catholocism either, but she got a little spooked by Constantine. Hell seems like a really bad place in that movie, and an easily attained destination.

Hot4Teacha said...

Nat -

Exorcist bad.

Godfather good.

Nothing like cat scratches to give you that "you should see the other guy" feel.

Miss you.

magnetbabe said...

Next time someone asks you to talk dirty to them, tell them they can go @%$# a %$#& and @#$%@ themselves while they're at it. I know you have it in you!

Yea! Thanks for commenting! I wasn't expecting you to take two giant leaps in one week, but I'm proud. And kitty tracks on the keyboard are totally cute. Go Bulls! Go Bucs! Go Vikings! Plackers suck!!!

mr. schprock-
I'm a fundamentalist in that I support FUNDing for the sciences. Otherwise I'm an experimentalist, which I learned actually means subscribes to the philosophy of experimentation, not necessarily doing experiments. I am also an experimenter, which means I like to get dirty and play with expensive toys.
Thanks for visitng!

It's weird. I am one of the most logical people I know and Catholic, creepy type religious movies give me the willies. Nothing like the doctrine of fear to convert the masses!

In this case, "the other guy" was a seven pound freak with absolutely no injuries. You said yourself, Wrigley is scary.

Godfather good.

Young Al Pacino even better.

Miss you too, sweetie.