Friday, November 11, 2005

The Week in Review

There were some little things that happened this week, some of which I meant to blog about but I never actually sat down and wrote anything out. Soooo, here are some highlights of my week:

I got a 35/36 on my magnetism test. I'm not one to brag and I find it unattractive when other people do so. But I just can't help myself because this class is really hard and I'm the only girl, thus making it imperative for me to stress how very awesome I am.

I went to the gym Monday morning and outside the gym a guy wearing a surgical mask was preaching at the few people out and about at 6:30 on a Monday. He was yelling his opinions very aggressively so I decided to just ignore him. At some point I was pretty sure he was trying to directly address me and when I still ignored him he called me a "weak-ass atheist bitch." That was definitely a first for me.

Tuesday I finished Interpreter of Maladies for book club later that night. All I have to say about that book is IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It was beautiful. It's a collection of short stories each about different characters but there is such a tangible thread running through it that it read like a novel. I have long had an interest in India and Indian culture, even more so since I now work with so many Indian scientists. I also read a lot of books by Indian authors mostly because in general I find their type of prose very lyrical and wonderful to read. The stories in Interpreter of Maladies were about the Indian-American condition. There was a symmetry to it so that I felt like by the end of the book the theme was thoroughly explored. There were stories about Indians in America, Americans in India, American women in love with Indian men (and vice versa) along with young American children's' exposure to Indian culture and any other combinations I haven't mentioned. And every story was a gem.

Tuesday night we had our first meeting at the library in a local temple. I couldn't find the temple so at 7:35 I called a Jewish girlfriend of mine to ask her where the heck I was going. I began the conversation by saying, "You're Jewish, where's the ____ library?!" She didn't know the exact intersection but she narrowed it down. I thought I found it then asked, "Wait. Do you guys have steeples?" To which she patiently replied, "No, we don't. You must be at ______ Church. Turn around and go East about a block." Thanks, friend, for your patience towards this ex-Catholic-turned agnostic confused girl.

When I got there, our leader informed us that she called Borders to let them know that we wouldn't be using their cafe to have our club and that we were not coming back until at least after the holiday season. The district manager politely informed her that we were not welcomed back as Borders was a retail-oriented chain in the business of making money, not hosting local meetings. "A small, privately-owned bookstore or coffee house would be more than happy to accommodate you." Too bad Tampa doesn't have those. Corporate bastards!

Wednesday one of the dumpster kitties died. I still don't know exactly what happened. I did my best and I hope it enjoyed its short time on this Earth.

Thursday Dr. Hari agreed to buy me a $15,000 toy for my research. I have the best advisor ever!

Thursday I also got it in my head that I needed new glasses. I mostly wear contacts but about once every two weeks I wear my glasses and the boys in my lab go nuts. Apparently I am wildly attractive when I wear my glasses. Not that I care all that much how attractive I am to the dorky boys in my lab (sorry, guys!) but I figured, why not wear my glasses more often if I'm more comfortable in them and people think I look good in them? But I can't see well out of my glasses anymore so I decided to just get new, trendy fun glasses (and sunglasses) and give my eyes a rest. So, as it happens whenever I get something stuck in my head I had to get new glasses right away or I would just die. So I got an appointment with the eye doctor today. It turns out I really needed new glasses and I picked out really cute Anne Klein frames and Ray Ban Rx sunglasses. However, it seems that Lens Crafters claim of new glasses in about an hour does not apply if you are blind as a bat. So I have to wait 7-10 days for my new glasses.

Now you are all caught up. Now all I have to do is get caught up on what everyone else has been up to...


Hot4Teacha said...

Damn, girl - you've had a week!

Sorry about dumpster kitty. I know you make their lives better, so I'm sure he/she died happier than what would normally have been the case. You have a BIG heart (and a nice rack, I might add!)!!

I saw a "green machine" the other day, and in my usual fashion, started yelling at it. Never mind it was on the other side of the freeway, in Minnesota, two places I would normally not see you, but I had to do it for old times' sake.

I updated my blog today. Not too good at doing that, as you've noticed. Would like to get my students into blogging, but I don't know how to do it without creating a major incident at school (because I just know there would be inappropriateness right away).

Gotta run, talk soon! HUGS!

gabrielle said...

Ditto to everything you said about Interpreter of Maladies. Your club sure has some inspired picks.
Border's loss. Hope your new home is more accommodating. Sorry for my ignorance but I'm not a native. Will someone please tell me what a green machine is? Keep writing - I so enjoy your blog.

magnetbabe said...

Thanks for your kind words. My heart and my rack thank you. I really think getting your students into blogging would be great. I was watching CNN and they were talking about bloggers (mostly political, but what they said applies to all types). They were saying that the expontential growth of bloggers has made blogging a serious and substantial form of communication and the earlier your students feel comfortable with it, the more prepared they will be for the ever evolving world. One thing you could maybe do is set up a blogger account for a whole class because you can have several different blogs under one account. With careful policing of screen names and comments I think its something you and them would enjoy.

That's awesome that you've read Interpreter of Maladies, but damn! There goes my Christmas idea for you! You're right, Border's loss but I also enjoyed the library. We could be as noisy as we wanted. The only thing I'll really miss is the random interjections by strangers overhearing something they felt strongly about.
Oh and by the way, Green Machine started as a pet name for my lime green Honda del Sol. A green machine in general refers to any other lime green Honda del Sol spotted somewhere (similarly red machine, black machine, white machine, etc. refers to a red, black or white Honda del Sol).

brainhell said...

The right glasses can be very provacative to dorky and non-dorky guys alike. I recently bought some sunglasses which I think only a jerk would ear (I realized this after the fact). Several people have told me that they are cool or look nice. Nice ... if you like jerks.

Scott said...

You forgot to mention the Jhumpa Lahiri is totally hot, but I'll forgive you. I have a friend from India who turned me on to her a couple years ago. Lahiri is an amazing writer, truly gifted.

Congrats on the magnestism test, but it shouldn't surprise anyone should it? You are the magnetbabe after all.

Hairless said...

As for the preacher man you should go into the weight room, "borrow" a 25 pound dumbell and toss it at him. Then say, "I may be athiest, I may be a bitch, but I am NOT weak-ass!".

I think the 1 hour thing also only applies to $99 frames and glass lenses. The glass is easily grindable, where as the plastics can take some more skilled craftsmanship. I like the high-polymer (thin) lens. They have a chromatic abberation, but the polycarbonate ones are harder to see out of with my nearly leagally blindness.

Woot as they say.

magnetbabe said...

Now you have a barometer for determing who likes jerky people. Interesting!

Lahiri is totally hot. That didn't come up on the course of discussion amongst the retired ladies in my club. It was more like "Oh my gawd she's so young!"

I'll have to see what you think of my new glasses. I didn't know there was an option for ultra thin or not and now I'm worried they'll be total Coke bottles. I just said "give me the best you've got."
I like your dumbell idea!