Friday, February 17, 2006

Miles for Moffitt

I, along with RunnerGirl and some of Randy's friends and family are doing the Miles for Moffitt 1 Mile Fun Run in April. Moffitt is a premier cancer center here in Tampa on my campus and where Randy received his treatments. The small group of us effectively organinzing it (RunnerGirl, Randy's sis and me) have a feeling that there will be some incarnation of the group walking and/or running at many of these events in Randy's memory. My hatred towards running will lead me to walk at any event where its acceptable which will help encourage newcomers to do it without being intimidated by the "run" part of the events. Randy's sister is having t-shirts made for us to display why we are walking and RunnerGirl ordered bracelets with Randy's initials on them. Both will also contain Randy's characteristic phrase "woot". I can't help but think he's somewhere watching all this honored and slightly amused.

I asked Dean if he wanted to walk with us since it was only a mile and campus is so close to our apartment.

Dean: Do I have to raise money for it?

Me: No. That's the great part. You just pay an entrance fee, $20 I think, and you get a t-shirt and some goodies and it's all for a good cause!

Dean: You mean I have to pay for the privilege of walking a mile? I don't think so.

Me: Come on. What about the free stuff?

Dean: That's not doing it for me. How about I pay not to walk?

Me: You mean, just make a donation in Randy's name and not do the walk? Sure, that works for me.

Dean: Deal.

A couple days later...

Dean: I've been thinking... I want the t-shirt and free stuff.

Me: Great! So you'll do it?

Dean: No, I think I'll register, drop you off, get my free stuff and you can call me when you want a ride home.

Me: It's a mile. I'll be done in 20 minutes.

Dean: Then maybe I'll just wait in the car. Or better yet, I'll leave the car with you and walk home.

Me: Walk home?! That's at least a mile itself. Why not just do the event?

Dean: Because that way I'm still not paying to walk. I'm paying and then walking. It's different.

If I'm going to keep doing these events, I think we will need to address this whole "paying to walk" issue.


Sylvia said...

If it is between April 14 and 18 sign me up. I'll pay and walk.

Jackie said...

that's haliarous! Jamie would do the exact same thing! he he he, pay to walk..... I'll be laughing about that all day now.

mom said...

maybe YOU could pay DEANO 20 bucks and buy him a goody bag, just to be done with the conversation, april is still a ways away!

mr. schprock said...

I think you should grab his stuff when he registers and make him chase you for it.

Nice thing you're doing, BTW.

Scott said...

Man, Dean is a trip! That's why you love him, right?

Runner Girl FL said...

It kind of reminds me of the argument for not joining a fraternity or sorority. I have to "PAY" for my friends....."but it does a lot for charity"....Hmmmm this is a tough one. Very different but sorrta the same.

lefty_grrrl said...

If it sounds like a man and acts like one too...

Seriously, tell him that he's paying for the privelege to walk among decent and generous people - something that cannot always be done for free.

That's all I got.

magnetbabe said...

You guys are funny. And have some great ideas! Dean is a trip, and I hope some of his humor comes through in what I write about him. He's hilarious and keeps me grounded like no one else can. I have been with him 6 years and still don't know if he is kidding about this or not. Either way, I'm sure he'll give some money to Moffitt (and get his stuff) whether or not he walks amongst decent people who are heightening cancer awareness. I have a feeling that after much fuss, he will walk with us.