Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Third Child

Jackie at Life in the Canadian Desert along with her blog buddy declared February 13th to be "Blog About Your Dog Day". I jokingly commented that her and the other dog people could have that day. Us cat people have the other 364 days. She suggested I make February 15th "Blog About Your Cat Day" (it doesn't have the nice ring, does it?). Anyway, this banter reminded me that I completely spaced out Allison's 2nd anniversary with us. I still don't know the actual date offhand. Sometime in February before Valentine's Day. I distinctly remember Nellie's anniversary, she was the first cat Dean and I got together only days after we moved to Florida. It was a big day for us as a couple and as proud new parents. Wrigley found us the day after Thanksgiving. Allison, like many third children, does not have a birthday that stands out in my mind. Poor little Alley! She must be one of the sweetest, gentlest creatures I've met and an awesome cuddler. She also has a coat like Egyptian silk and to see her muscles move beneath it reminds me what amazing animals cats are.

I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to describe just how it came to be that we own three cats.

It was a Saturday night. Dean and I were home watching college basketball and drinking beers. Lots of beers. I got a little bored by the sports and went in to the other room to surf the internet. I have no idea, NO IDEA, what possessed me to go on to see what was out there. Maybe I was feeling like Nellie and Wrigley weren't enough work already or maybe I was secretly looking for a way to punish Dean for making me watch so much damn college basketball. Whatever my hairbrained, drunken reason, I went on and found Yankee Cat Rescue, located about hour from my apartment. One of the cats they advertised was a pathetic black kitten named Allison decribed thus (lifted verbatim from their Happy Tails):

This little girl LOVES attention. Her brother never made it over to adoption as he was born with hip problems. She's very depressed without him and needs to get out of this shelter QUICKLY. She just came over, but she's so stressed that she'll get sick and because she's still a kitten (at only 12 weeks) she'll be put down. This animal is available at a very high kill county shelter. We have posted their pictures in order to help find them new homes before their time runs out. Anyone listed with this disclaimer is on a VERY limited time in adoption. If you see that the animal is listed as “Urgent” they may only have days to live. Please email quickly if you’re interested in saving this life before it’s too late.

Well, I did just that. I called Dean into the spare bedroom and made him (likewise in a drunken stupor) read this heart-wrenching account. "Oh, God!" he moaned, "We have to save her! We have to!" So I emailed quickly. When some people have too much to drink, they experiment with drugs. Or have casual sex. Me, I adopt kittens.

The next day I got the call from the rescue center. "Hi Natalie! You're still adopting Allison, right?" I couldn't very well say no, not with Allison's life on the line. Of course we adopted her. And I have not regretted it once. She is an absolute joy.

I should clarify some things that I learned about the rescue center. It is run by just one lady that works full time at the Manatee County Humane Society, which is indeed a high-kill shelter. Stray cats are brought in and are displayed for awhile. If they are not adopted, they are put on a list to be euthanised. The woman gets ahold of the list, takes all the cats on it home and continues trying to adopt them out. Allison's description never lied. She was at a high kill shelter. It neglected to add that if someone didn't adopt her, the rescue center would. Thus I didn't actually save her life. I don't begrudge the shelter in the least, it is just trying to give cats loving homes. I've even made a couple of donations to this amazing one-woman organization. For awhile though I've told the story with some of the facts, well, massaged.

By the way, make sure after you've had a few drinks, you come back to this website and click on the "adoptable pet of the day" button...


lefty_grrrl said...

She's so cute! I'm glad you were able to rescue her. I wish I could save them all, but you know, one bedroom apartment...

BTW, because of you, I am participating in this annual event.

Scott said...

God, I don't blame you for adopting after reading that! What a beautiful cat though. I wouldn't mind getting one now. I used to have two for the longest time, but it is a considerable relief not to have all that racket going on all night long when the we so desperately need our sleep. Maybe when Emmett sleeps by himself and all night long.

Runner Girl FL said...

I too have participated in your activity du jour. Ally is sooooo cute!! I remember when you sent me that picture right after you got her.

BTW I have seen the Wrigley post and now the Ally there a Nellie post I have missed?

magnetbabe said...

I know what you mean. I'm not allowed to go on petfinder anymore, especially during recreational drinking. Now after we buy a house, all bets are off...

After seeing my cats again for the first time in 2 years this weekend, my Dad was remarking that he wouldn't mind getting another one himself. Our family cat died a few years back and he has been sans pets since then. Right after he said that, Nellie walked up to him and puked about a foot from him. He amended this to, "Well, maybe I'll wait a little longer..."

I briefly posted on Nellie's b-day to describe the kitty b-day ritual. That was before I ventured into the realm of posting photos. Now after all this hoopla I had better blog about my oldest soon. She doesn't have the hilarious "acquisition" story like the other kittens, but she's got a sweet enough face to make up for it!

Runner Girl FL said...

She really does. I love the Nellie Bean...well...and the Wiggly Wrigley and the Ally Cat. Give them treats for me (and from Loki, Freya, and Saga). (Even if Ally will just lick it and let Nellie steal it)

Jackie said...

Ok, Blog about Your Cat isn't great, but what about "Chat about your Cat?" lol

Aswome post. The odd time I brose the humane society web pages, and just about everytime I do, I fall in love with an animal of some sort. LoL.

Brosing with drinking, there should be warnings about that! lol

lefty_grrrl said...

And, Jackie, maybe a warning about typing while drinking, too. :)