Friday, May 11, 2007

Getting Smoked Out

Besides leaving Dean and the kitties for three months, I was worried I would miss the tropical haven that is my home down here in Tampa. Not so. The smoke from the fires that have been raging in every county of Florida feels like fingers nudging me to leave. It is irritating my sinuses and my eyes are bloodshot with sand paper eyelids. Normally this time of year, we would be getting our regular afternoon showers followed by the eerie steam that rises from the asphalt. Today the fog comes from the sky and is leaving ash on my car and the aroma of bonfire in my hair. I can't help but think of An Inconvenient Truth when I see news of the droughts that have taken over the country right now.

I'm pretty much packed all but the bare necessities I need right up until I leave the house. Dean has his plane tickets ready for June and as soon as I get a feel for the work environment I'll look into spending the long weekend around July 4th in Tampa. Maybe we'll get some rain by then.


Kitten update: The bad news is I wasn't able to get pictures of my four furry bundles. The good news is that there was no reason to take pictures for the adoption website- they went to the PetSMART adoption fair last Saturday and all of them have homes!


Anonymous said...

Safe travels!

e.b. said...

Aww so glad that they are all adopted.

Have a great summer, be in touch, and hopefully when you are back this smoke thing will be over - because it is GROSS

fermicat said...

Yay! Happy ending for the kitties!

I think that some of the smoke from the south Georgia wildfires is being blown in Florida's direction due to the prevailing weather patterns. That's gotta be rough. Our air in Atlanta has been surprisingly good for the last few days.

Good luck with your travels.

Scott said...

Man, you wouldn't know a thing about global warming in Massachusetts this winter. It was freaking cold.

Sounds like you are ready to go. Have fun on your adventure.