Thursday, September 06, 2007


My life has been pretty mundane since I returned and while I am more than happy to be a lazy homebody with my husband and kitties, there isn't a whole lot to discuss. Work has been slooooow. One thing I miss a little but about my internship was the constant pace. I had enough work to fill a nine hour day but not so much that I lost sleep over getting it done. Here in the lab, the workload is feast or famine. It's either twelve hours a day of experiments, or six hours a day of browsing the web until I feel justified going home to get housework done. Usually when we're in a slow period I am a prolific blogger but I haven't done anything "blog worthy". As proof, I will now update you on my goings on. I hope you are drinking a cup of coffee, otherwise you will fall asleep.
  • I have been actively avoiding watching the Twins games. I usually despise fair weather fans, but there is a difference between watching a decent team not in contention (like the Devil Rays) and watching a talented team spiral into self-destruction and end the season in a big fiery ball of sucktitude.

  • Since we haven't been watching the Twins games, we've been watching a lot of TV on DVD. Together we've been re-watching (for the zillionth time) Arrested Development, the funniest show to be prematurely taken off the air. Alone I've been watching Deadwood because I read the book over the summer. The show is disgusting and raw and graphic with unlikable characters who possess no redeeming qualities. But I'm strangely addicted, I can't seem to get enough of it.

  • Cleaning. The apartment wasn't in total disarray when I got back. Dean did a good job either keeping it under control or presenting an illusion that it had been picked up the whole time (the more likely scenario). But I have had to put some time into getting things back to my level of satisfaction (e.g. scrubbing corners, dusting bookshelves, rearranging cupboards, etc.).

  • Getting stuff done. Time consuming putzy things like getting my eyes checked and my teeth cleaned. Granted, neither of those things have actually gotten done yet, I've just spent a lot of time thinking about it. The Green Machine needs to get new tires. Oh, and Allison and Wrigley need their vaccinations.

  • Speaking of house kitties, I've been playing with their food to get them onto a mostly canned food diet. I read several articles over the summer about the reasons why cats should eat high-quality canned food and how the pet food industry keeps pushing dry food because it's so much cheaper to produce. I'm hoping that a high protein, high moisture diet will get poor Nellie to finally lose some weight, rather than the empty-calorie, mostly filler, "diet" dry food we've been naively feeding her.

  • This upcoming weekend is our first wedding anniversary. Dean bought a box of premium baseball cards and I bought an iPod sound dock and those are our gifts to ourselves each other because that's how we roll. He is going to the Rays game with some people from work. I asked him to do something fun because I'm doing Spay Day on Sunday.

  • While I was away, the dumpster kitties did a little playing. There were three litters born, two of which were rescued by my crazy cat friend and currently in foster. The first litter was born amongst some friction and nothing ever got done. So there are five juveniles and two moms slutting it up who are in desperate need of fixing. I secured five appointments for this month's designated Spay Day, which is unfortunately our anniversary.

  • It is sad that grown up life is intruding upon our anniversary weekend. However, the following weekend we are going to Chicago for a getaway. It won't be totally romantic since we are going with another couple, but it should be a blast. Hopefully it will give me something more interesting to write about.


fermicat said...

"... big fiery ball of sucktitude."

Oh, so it's not just the Braves? It has been too depressing to watch baseball since the Braves are mostly losing and losing and losing. Besides, it's college football season and that is my favorite sport to watch.

I know what you mean about boring. Sometimes it seems like all we ever do is eat, sleep, and work. Not exactly the best blog fodder. But sometimes it is nice to have a breather when you can catch up on all that boring stuff you need to do.

dr sardonicus said...

The Cardinals suck like the Twins and Braves, but we're still in contention anyway! Hee-hee!

Happy anniversary!

Hot4Teacha said...

Boredom = sucky.

That's about as deep as I go when I do equations...

mr. schprock said...

First of all, your life doesn't sound boring to me, which might either be a compliment to you or a revealing statement about me. I LOVE Arrested Development and will be buying all 3 seasons at some point.

It's slow for me at work too. I'm almost too ashamed to deposit my paycheck.

e.b. said...

Have a fabulous anniversary weekend - Congratulations!

Scott said...

I've seen all the Deadwoods, and you really nailed it. I loved Seth Bullock at first, but his character really tanked after a while. Al was the opposite for me. I hated him, then appreciated him, loved him, then just said to hell with him. In real life he took out advertisements in the big cities promising women a stage career. Women sold everything to pay their way to Deadwood, only to end up totally broke with no alternative save one.

lefty_grrrl said...

Happy anniversary! Hope Baby Jesus is okay soon.

Toni Anderson said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Beth said...

I can't believe Arrested Development was taken off the air. It was such an awesome show.

Also, isn't crunchy food good for cat's teeth? How else will they clean them if not for the crunchy food.

I feed my pug a few ounces of high quality meat food a day, but I supplement with dry to keep her teeth nice. Am I wrong?

magnetbabe said...

I have heard that dry food is good for their teeth as well. I do plan to keep feeding them some dry food, but am trying to shift the focus to the meat based canned food. The whole idea behind getting cats (and even dogs) on canned food is to try and mimic the diets they've evolved to have in the wild. Cats get almost all of their moisture through eating meat and left on their own would never eat the grains that are packed in the dry food. As for keeping their teeth healthy, they can't do that effectively in the wild so I don't have an answer for that. The only thing I can think of is that their life spans are so short in the wild that their teeth aren't an issue so it could be important to give house cats and dogs something to crunch on. I'll let you know when I find out more because I would like to know too!

fermicat said...

Just a guess, but wild cats eat entire animals including the bones. I think crunching bones might help keep their teeth clean.