Tuesday, December 04, 2007


This is Dixie. She is nine weeks old and I'm working hard to socialize her. And in two and a half weeks I'll be bringing her to Minnesota with me so she can live with my mom and step dad. Turns out my mom was so utterly, completely in love with her picture that the only option was to keep her around. Which is just fine with me because she is a sweetheart. (See, Jeni, it doesn't matter if you're hundreds of miles away...) Unfortunately Dixie still has a sibling somewhere out there that we are trying to trap and get into foster. Worse still, we found Dixie and her sibling while trying to trap another litter of kittens. We are fairly certain there are only two unspayed females living back there, and they will both be targets for next weekend's Spay Day. There is a lot of work to do in the immediate future, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And no matter what, thanks to little Dixie I'll be reminded of my efforts for many years to come.


Hot4Teacha said...

I just KNEW you would fine her a home - but didn't expect it to be in MN!! That's so great...yay for Steph!! I'd like to meet Ms. Dixie at some point, and ascertain that the cuteness is not just a trick of the camera. So cute!!

Puder, meanwhile, head-butted me awake this morning, as she often does, then proceeded to curl herself up on the pillow I had vacated...right in the warm spot.

Cats. Sheesh.

Jeni said...

As my granddaughter, Miss Maya, would say "Doyay, doyay!" That is terrific that you got a home -and one where you'll be able to track her growth and all too. I showed the pictures from today's post to my daughter (also yesterday's -but I wouldn't have done that yesterday cause Mandy would have been thinking I was going soft on the "no more cats" rule). Anyway, Mandy was just all "oh-ing and ah-ing" all over the place at how cute that little Dixie is.

MIL said...

I wish Dixie could understand what a tremendously better life she is going to have than if she had not been rescued!! Woo Hoo Magnetbabe, Mom and Step Dad!

fermicat said...

SAVED!!! Wheeeeeee!

I had a calico cat named Dixie, and she was a real handful. My little hellion. A "black leather jacket cat". May this little Dixie be just as spunky and fun.