Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Evan,

Welcome to the world! I won't get to meet you for a little while, which makes me very sad. Your mom and I have been friends for over 10 years. We've been through a lot together, along with our other girlfriends, and maybe sometime I can tell you about the crazier stuff we've done. But that's still many years away. Frankly, I'm still a little shell shocked that one of us actually managed to procreate, but for now I'm still thankful it was your mommy and not me. Hopefully someday your auntie magnetbabe and uncle Deano will give you a cousin, but for now you'll have to make due with your very excited immediate family.

We've all been on pins and needles waiting for you, Evan. You were, um, a little past due. It's okay, I don't think poor punctuality right out of the gates will be a trait that sticks. You did, however, miss a very important event. Two days before you were born, everyone in the world was watching America to see if we could make history. And we did. So it turns out you weren't quite born yet when President Obama was elected. November 4th was an awesome day to be an American. We were all laughing and crying and amazed at what we were able to accomplish. But you chose to come into a world that was very different than it was two days ago. A better, more hopeful world that has already shown it can leave its own past behind and do what was once considered impossible. And it was because we care so much about who was yet to be born that we did it. Your grandma and grandpa (who already love you so much!) weren't born in America. Neither was your mommy. But you were, and from your very first day you can be truly proud. No matter what your world view turns out to be, you were born after Americans showed the world that collectively, our better angels win out over the dark demons of our past.

I'm so exited to see who you turn out to be. With your mom and dad and big brother and grandparents there to raise you, I'm certain you'll be a smart, funny, caring, wonderful person. Not to mention if you were lucky to get some of your daddy and grandpa's genes, you'll be easy on the eyes as well. And if you spend enough time with your new aunties, you'll be just wild enough to have fun yet stay irresistibly endearing.

auntie magnetbabe


gabrielle said...

Welcome to the world, Evan.

Like many of your extended family, you were waiting until it was safe to come out.

Hot4Teacha said...

Nat - So right!! I met young Mr. Lavone last night, and although he slept through the entire encounter, I feel he understood he was in the presence of "the girls". I made sure mommy got a care package from us - Swedish Fish, peanut butter M&M's, and Cheetos. Evan is adorable, and you're right - he was born into a world that is much more hopeful than it was had he been born a week ago. As Dave & Marty would say, "Cheers!"

Jeni said...

Just wanted to say "Welcome" as well as Congratulations too wherever it applies!
And, don't be too sure of yourself on the punctuality thing. When my oldest was born, she was a week late arriving into the world and as we remind her -frequently -almost 42 years later, she's still late! ALL.THE.TIME!

Anonymous said...

Babies are such a blessing. My grandson is the light of my life.
By the way... just got done talking to my cousin and she was at the U of M - Northrup Auditorium on Election Night for the Bob Dylan concert. When he came back on stage for his final song, he commented that it looked like change was coming... he'd apparently heard Obama was winning the election. Then he sang "Blowing in the Wind" and the crowd went wild. When she left the concert someone was playing the bongos outside and people were dancing in the street. She said it was an election experience she will never forget.

Scott said...

Congrats, Natalie. Being an aunt is a primer for the real thing. It brings out all those parental longings and also has the benefit of training someone to be a resource in your time of need. Enjoy. This is what life is really about.