Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Things Never Change

We may get a little older. A little thicker around the middle. We may have to move across the country (against our will). We even might have to accept into our lives those that are younger, bolder, and with looks rivaling our own, even in our heyday. But who we are, what we love most, our passions - and yes our vices - those don't ever change.

Nellie, circa 2002

Nellie, February 2009


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Nellie is so pretty.

gabrielle said...

I love that you kept Nellie's baby pictures. And yes, some things don't change. Thank goodness.

Happy Valentine's day!!!

fermicat said...

A "little" thicker? That is one fat cat, unless it is the camera adding pounds! Mine still get into the toilet tissue once in a while. Or paper towels. Whatever is handy when they get those cat crazies.

Hot4Teacha said...

Oh my gosh, that totally made my day! Nellie, huggin' up on the paper products - priceless. I laughed out loud!

The NE climate seems to agree with her - or is she just big-boned, like my Pudder? Hee hee

Anonymous said...

Nellie may be sending out signals. A roll of paper towels is a poor substitute for a partner. Catsfursure!

Natalie said...

Nellie thanks you. She is quite flattered. :P

She was a trouble maker in her early days, even though she was already 2 when we got her. She still gets into paper products and hunts everything stuffed.

It's a combination of the camera angle, some thickness and some extra skin. She ballooned up when we got the kittens and has since lost 3.5 pounds. But she's 9 years old and the extra stomach skin isn't going anywhere.

She's actually slimmed down since you met her. But I'm glad she made your day. Nellie has been an interesting muse lately between the cone and her random bursts of kitten-ness.

Nellie does not want a partner. She'd much rather hug on a paper towel roll I think. Every time we bring in a new cat (for fostering or for keeps) she acts extremely put out, exasperated and gets this priceless look in her big eyes like, "You MUST be joking with this BS".

Dianne said...

I love her 2002 face!! what a look of mischief and wonder

and now, in 2009, she has matured from tattered paper to covered rolls

Scott said...

Cats. They are so adorably free of constraints.

Moe said...

well, at least she's a lot neater now...or you just didn't take a picture of her shredding the roll into pieces?