Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Beware of people who dislike cats"
~Irish Proverb

Now go drink some green beer and adopt some kittehs!


Hot4Teacha said...

Frickin' cute, Nat!! I love it. I didn't manage any green beer yesterday, unfortunately, but will endeavor to make up for it by drinking plenty of regular-colored beer in the near future!

Scott said...

You should try out dog ownership for a while. Contrary to popular opinion, they do get along with cats--and the relationship is really fun to watch develop. Not that you need any more pets!

Natalie said...

Neither did we. St. Paddy's is huge around here and on my way home I noticed the bars were all overflowing. You know you're getting old when overcrowding is enough to dampen drinking.

I had an awesome dog growing up. And he got along great with the cats, he was actually a little intimidated by them. I love dogs, but at this stage in my life they are like kids, they must belong to someone else! We do want a dog someday, but I'm somewhat against dogs and apartments. They need a space, especially a yard.

Jeni said...

Boy, wish I'd seen that post yesterday as I might have found a way to head up to the local pub with my daughter (and my son, too) and indulged in a little bit of a brew or two! Haven't had a beer in some time now and thinking about it is making me a bit thirsty tonight. Wonder if there just might be one left, hanging out in the fridge someplace, with my name on it. The adopt a kitten -much as I do complain that we have one cat and one is all we need, yada yada, you know if a sweet little kitten wandered by here, just accidentally found our place, I'd have no problems with making Chino cat share her space! Fine logic on both counts there, kid!

Dianne said...

I beware anyone who doesn't like cats - or any other animal for that matter

you are so pretty!