Friday, August 14, 2009

Because it's Friday

Supper time in the MB house. One of the only times you will see peace and tolerance. I'm soooo going to miss my gigantic kitchen. Dean has heard just about enough of my worrying over where the feeding spot will be in the new apartment. A cat mom has to have priorities.


Dr Jenn said...

oooh they are all so shiny and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Great pic of the kitties. They all look so healthy and content. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place to feed them in your new home once you get settled in. Or, perhaps they'll choose the spot!

dr sardonicus said...

It appears that the cats have been checking out your cookbooks as well...

Natalie said...

dr. jenn,
Thanks! Alley, the all black one has an amazing coat. It's all the cream Dean spoils her with.

I'm not so sure. The setup is a lot like our old place in Tampa, and it was VERY crowded in the kitchen. And that was when McLovin was still a baby. Any suggestions they might have will only help!

dr. s,
If they could read, perhaps they could finally start pulling their weight around here...

Jeni said...

Priorities for a "Cat Mom" for sure are feeding places -as well as the other big concern too -where to hide the darned litter box! Around here, the issue for the feeding place wasn't a problem until this past spring when Kurtis decided he wanted to "help" feeding the cats. His idea of help was to put the water from their water feeder into the cat food bowls thus making a mush for the cats. Not too tasty apparently. So we had to find a place where it would be convenient for us to keep it filled and away from the reach of those 3-year-old hands -way to busy for their own good, ya know.

fermicat said...

That's a fine-looking family you've got there!

Hot4Teacha said...

Oh my gosh, could they BE any cuter? I'm so amazed they can eat next to each other in peace... at least you get that much from them!

I'm sure you'll find an adequate area for the feeding frenzy at your new home. :)

Dianne said...

I love this shot!!
Mia eats in my bedroom, Siren eats in what has become his room

I try to get them together but well you know the story

in my small apartment in Brooklyn when I had JR and Sheba they ate in the hall between the dining room and bedroom

in another small apartment Nicky and Jinxie ate under the kitchen table

there is always a way

I love these guys
and you and Deano too :)