Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Impulsive Buying for Geeks

One thing we have been doing a lot this past year is going to baseball card shows. I know, WAY nerdy. It started in the winter time. If I say nothing else about Red Sox fans, it is this: they know their baseball, and they love their baseball memorabilia. So during the long winter, there are frequently baseball card shows within an hour drive of us or so. We usually do it on Sunday mornings, there is no traffic and we breakfast at a diner we find along the way. It gets us out of the house and there is some superb people watching. Dean isn't a huge baseball card guy per se, he likes autographs so he usually gets a ball, a photo or a card signed by the old retired Red Sox player the show hires to come sign. Then we giggle over the crazy Sox fans and the big fat card collectors that probably live in their mother's basement. Plus, I get an ego boost being one of the only women there and likely the best looking. I'm not usually vain or self-promoting, so the fact that I can state that with confidence is an indication of the clientele.

My biggest complaint about these shows it that all the stuff is Red Sox stuff. I mean ALL of it. I knew I probably wouldn't find any cards of obscure Twins players from the "dark years" (mid- to late-90s), but I expected to see some Mauer stuff or some Rays stuff. They were, afterall, the AL champs. Nope. Nada. But they do occasionally have non-sports related memorabilia, and after I become saturated with Sox stuff, I gravitate to those tables.

Last weekend we knew would be our last show in Massachusetts. As I said before, Dean always gets the autograph of the headliner. He occasionally also finds some cards he wants like some cheap sets from the 80s. (He likes to mail them to retired players' homes to sign and send back, but that is a different blog post.) But I have never bought anything for myself. I'm not opposed to some self-indulgence and I know the sports collectors circuit has been hit hard by the economy. I just haven't found anything I wanted. Until Sunday. My one memorabilia purchase from a Massachusetts collector show:
A rare Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign button. This particular one was only produced for one campaign stop (I actually believe the guy because he seemed super nerdy like me and was thrilled to talk about political memorabilia in a sea of Sox talk). I thought that with my recent obsession with New England history, politics, and all things Kennedy, it was perfect. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. But I'll probably display it along with my rare Kucinich for President button, which was eventually replaced by my not-so-rare Obama button.


Jeni said...

Although I am not into collectibles, as a general rule, I have to confess if I ever came across something like that button, I would be all over it like flies on honey, for sure!
Good buy there, MB.

Dianne said...

I love that button, what a find!!

I hope I still have my Kuccinich button.

As a Yankees fan I don't know how long I could stand to be with all those Red Sox fans.

I'm not a crazy NYer but some Red Soxers are just too much for me.

It's freakin' baseball. If you want to fight could it please be over politics ;)

Dr Jenn said...

being the last weekend for it I would have gone both sat and sun! neat find. I used to like to go and do things like that when I lived in NY. Only there were two little Italian run pawn shops I would visit. Now there was some buff stuff to find there. My click was coins. Tho I have lost all my collection over the years.

Don't forget pic's of the new home... we are waiting. Computer gets set up first hun, then you can feed the kids (cats) and settle in ;)

dr sardonicus said...

Somewhere around here I have an old "I Like Ike" button. I think it was my grandpa's.

You run into the same thing with card shows in St. Louis, except it's all Cardinals memorabilia. There are few card shows in Nashville, as baseball really doesn't exist in the public consciousness here.