Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My cats don't drink from a water dish. They drink from a stadium cup on the coffee table because whenever Dean and I have a glass of water, the cats will try to drink from it. We discovered that if our glass of water is always only 3/4 full and the "cat cup" is always full, they will only drink from the cat cup.

For the first time in 3 years I accidently drank from the cat cup.

I feel so disgusting.


lefty_grrrl said...

Wow. That was disgusting. I am sorry. Truly and deeply sorry. And also very very glad that our cats drink from a water dish.

mom said...

oh i,ve been biting my tongue all this time! i,ve had some really good ideas about breaking those little monsters of that habit, but in a smug mom way i thought, "she'll find out for herself someday" (let me know when you want those ideas)

magnetbabe said...

You have no idea. I was gagging for like 5 minutes.

Now would be a good time.

Runner Girl FL said...

That made my morning. Hehehehehe. Sorry. Hahaha!!

Any help to stop the habbit of little monsters standing on my head board at 6:15 am and push the objects up there down onto my head!!! EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!! :)

Sylvia said...

These are the things people don't tell you BEFORE you get a cat!!!

minnesotablue said...

I think I,ll postpone my plan to buy a kitty for awhile!

Yoda said...

Don't be so disgusted. Cats are people too!! People who ...... lick their asses :-p

Scott said...

I experienced a sympathy retch just reading that. How awful!