Monday, March 20, 2006

Overheard in Baltimore

Cheesehead to a guy in the bar from last post who was wearing a Packers hat: Are you from Wisconsin?

Guy in bar: Yup.

Cheesehead: Me too.

Guy in bar: Fuckin'-A.

Cheesehead: Fuckin'-A.


Professor Hottie: I remember meeting you when I visited your University.

Me: Yes, and I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar you gave about metamagnetic states in Cobaltites.

Dr. Hari: Yeah! She couldn't stop talking about you!


Me (during my presentation): At low temperatures, the sample showed anonymous behavior. [Horrified, I realized that I said "anonymous" instead of "anomalous".] I'm sorry, I meant to say... anonymous.


Random person in the audience during Undergrad's (from my lab) presentation: If your nanoparticles are 4 to 6 nanometers in diameter, why does your x-ray diffraction show sharp intense peaks when the particles are smaller than the wavelength of light?

Undergrad: Are you saying my particles aren't as small as I say they are? 'Cuz they are!


Cheesehead, rerecording his outgoing messgae on his cellphone: Hi, this is Cheesehead. If you are that girl I gave my number to the other night, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AS I DON'T ALREADY HAVE IT!


J: Do you want to go to a cold fusion talk?

Me: Sort of..... Do you?

J: Totally. I want to hear two things- "Einstein was wrong" and "The man's keeping me down".

Speaker (minutes later at a cold fusion talk: If you want to know why none of this work is funded, read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.

J: Yesssss!


Physics Geek (runnergirlfl) said...

Kinda like Overheard in New York for Geeks. :) !!!AWSOME!!!

brainhell said...

Very nice. Maybe those nanoparticles are anonymous?

Jackie said...

sounds like you had a blast!

magnetbabe said...

It was me who wished I was anonymous after that talk!

mom said...

overheard at 5940 diamond lake lane for the last 48 hours (since i told tom your baltimore stories) "anonymous, did i say anonymous? fuckin' a i meant to say anonymous!"

lefty_grrrl said...

Fuckin' a, indeed.

magnetbabe said...

Ha ha ha. Glad I have such a supportive step dad. Just kidding. Love ya!

Scott said...

I love it, so you said anonymous again? Gulp.

Did everyone crack up after the small particles comment?

Cool excerpts.

magnetbabe said...

Yes, I said anonymous again. Just when I start to regain my dignity and assert myself around the boys, they teasingly say, "I'm sorry...I meant to say anonymous." I'm afraid I won't live that down for quite some time.

As for the particle thing, the audience was more stunned than anything. Undergrad did a fantastic job, but I did have to have a talk with her regarding answering questions in an appropriate, non-defensive manner. The guy's question was legitimate, but I bailed her out with a correct answer (which, by the way, wasn't "cuz they are!").