Friday, July 07, 2006

Excitement for grown ups

Tomorrow I'll be 27.

While I was in Minneapolis many people chose that time to give me birthday presents, which as usual included a couple Target gift cards. When I was a much poorer struggling graduate student (it already feels like lifetimes away) the gift of getting an entire Target trip paid for was luxurious. But now that I am a prestigious NSF fellow, I decided to use my Target gift cards for a couple things I didn't actually need but could use nonetheless. This included a new cutlery set which I am waaaay too excited about. When Dean suggested we go to Tijuana Flats for dinner tonight, I responded with, "But I was hoping to chop stuff tonight!" I used the balance to pay for a salad spinner which I am also distrubingly excited about.

Also for my birthday Dean bought me a short, long bookshelf for me to put my piano books on. It is in the same finish as the piano itself so that even we have have a house someday (hopefully...) even if it doesn't match the woodwork it will match the piano.

The other part of my birthday present consists of attending the Ft. Myers Miracle game to obtain a Bill Murray bobblehead. This was purely my idea. I cannot pass up an oportunity to get a bobblehead in the likeness of Dr. Peter Venkman. I know, the bobblehead isn't Venkman, but I love Bill Murray and the story behind the bobblehead day is kinda cool.

We are spending the night in Ft. Myers for three reasons.

1. To not have to drive two hours after the game.

2. To drink beers at eat Uno's pizza because we don't have Uno's in Tampa.

3. Because every year for my birthday we stay at a different beach.

Runner Girl took me out to lunch today for my birthday and my undergraduate student is taking me to lunch on Monday. I am loved and spoiled. And almost 27.


Scott said...

Wooo hoo! Happy Birthday. Ghost Busters was one of my favorite movies. At a frat party, two of my buddies and me dressed as the trio. We made our own packs and used vacuum hose. Of course I was Venkman. We made patches and got old jumpsuits from the Salvation Army. Not too shabby. Someone took a picture of us at the front door, posing like the poster. I never saw the picture and nobody could find it. Damnit! I really wanted that for my records.

Jackie said...


new salad spinner? I would be WAY excited about that too!

lefty_grrrl said...

Happy Birthday! Yea 27!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

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