Tuesday, September 26, 2006


To everyone who said the Twins:

  • should pack up and go home when it was only May

  • could never pass the World Champ White Sox

  • aren't for real

  • were done when Liriano got hurt

  • were done when Radke got hurt

  • don't have enough power

  • don't have starting pitching

  • wouldn't make it down the stretch

I say:



lefty_grrrl said...

Ha ha! Congrats on your team making the playoffs! Wish my team would stop screwing around and clinch so they can make an ugly first-round exit.

Runner Girl FL said...

I wish my team would have a winning season. Maybe start the race at least. :)


mom said...

suck it x 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

magnetbabe said...

Oh lefty. Sorry about your Cards. I hope they can get their shit together and I'm not just talking about clinching. They need momentum too if they want to make it out of the first round.

Jackie said...

Yeah for you!

Scott said...

I was in Houston and watched the Astros sweep the Cards. I'm rooting for them to make it in, but it would take a total breakdown by the Cardinals.

And thanks Nat for the support!

magnetbabe said...

Anytime, buddy!