Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go White Sox?

Even though it's against everything I've been taught as a Twins fan, I am rooting for the White Sox to win tonight. That's what September will do to you. If the White Sox AND the Twins win the Twins will be in first place in the division for the first time all season. They will have come all the way back from being 12 games out- virtually unheard of. Morneau (Baby Harmon) went 5 for 5 last night; Hunter AND Barlett went over the Green Monster. Garza had his best outing yet. All this after every reporter said the Twins were done after losing Liriano. My boys just keep finding ways to win.

*~*Sorry to anonymous blog buddy's girlfriend K who is a Red Sox fan. You guys have had you requisite World Series win for the next 86 years.*~*


mom said...

and to think that there are actually some people in minnesota that don't like baby harmon !

lefty_grrrl said...

What? I would love to have Morneau. (If not for MVPujols.) He's great and he's young.

Those people aren't baseball fans.

Scott said...

So, did it work out like you wanted it to? Sorry, I don't pay enough attention during the regular season. If you want to talk football, I'm your huckleberry.

Minnesota started of quite well huh? How about Daunte in Miami? What a joke! I never thought much of him anyway, but I never accused him of suck-status.

magnetbabe said...

I don't know about right now, but at spring training in February there was all sorts of grumbling about Morneau, that he would just be another LeCroy, that we needed to trade him while we could still get someone good for him, etc. I think he's proven himself sufficiently this season.

I hate to be a fairweather fan, but I may have spoke too soon about switching allegiances from the Vikes to the Bucs! I feel bad for Daunte, but turnovers have always been a problem for him. He seems to need to be surrounded by very good WRs. Our Orlando friends have four tickets to the Minnesota-Miami game and their other two people are not looking like they are going to make it. I'm salivating already.

Anonymous said...

whose is baby harmon ?