Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sometime around 11:00 last night, I noticed Allie running around the apartment growling. This can only mean one thing: she caught something. Living in Florida, critters make their way into our apartment on a semi-regular basis, especially when the weather is starting to cool down a bit. Lately, it has been either very large cockraoches or palmetto bugs. I can't tell the difference. We haven't gotten any lizards in awhile, a memo must have gone out about the kitties. Being a cat owner, I never have to worry about roaches skittering across my feet. But I do have to worry about finding the leftover pieces of them once someone gets ahold of them. Usually it's Allie, and then she starts this whole running-around-growling thing. So then I close off the bedroom, the office and the bathroom so she can't hide with it allowing me to find it later under the bed, behind the toilet or a similarly startling location. Then, we let her run around awhile and once she tires we tempt her with a treat and she drops it, allowing us to pick it up with a paper towel. Pretty effective pest control.

Well shortly after 11:00 Dean was making noise about wanting to go to bed, but I had the rooms closed off (I was still working, thank God for PC Anywhere!). Dean took out the treats, but Allison was still intent on running around with her prey. I decided to corner her in the hallway and grab her, giving her a little shake to make her drop it. I chased her and she ran in between the couch and the wall. It was dark back there, and I meant to tap her on the rear to coax her out so I could pick her up. I stuck my hand back there and all of a sudden I felt a searing pain rip through my left palm. I let out a blood-curtling scream, not knowing what had just happened. Did she scratch me? Did she bite me, injecting with me roach juice at the same time? Oh my God did the roach bite me? I was freaking out. Turns out she hooked me and tore a deep cut in my left palm, right in between my thumb and forefinger. I know, I'm all about the Soft Claws, but Allie is very resistent to me applying them and she is not a bad scratcher, so I slack off a little with her. Not anymore. It bled like crazy. It still hurts pretty bad and it's impossible to bandage. Not to mention my feelings are hurt! Allie's the sweetest one! She's not supposed to stab me!

PS- I was recounting this story to my mom tonight, unabashedly looking for sympathy. I told her that Allie tore a gash on my left palm.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Wait. Are you right handed or left handed?"

"Mother! I'm right handed! Duh!"

"Then what are you griping about?"


Scott said...

Tough audience!

I would have been pissed, and may have let Allie know in no uncertain terms.

My cats got pretty crazy about the June bugs that got into our house. I would hold them up and let them eat after they growled for a while.

Runner Girl FL said...

Ally should be forced to where red soft claws for a while...both as punnishment and so you can tell when one of those little claws is free again.

Jackie said...

ohhh, I always hated it when my cat got me. (Once is was a nice gash in the cheek!!).

Hope the hand feels better soon!

lefty_grrrl said...

Coco got me in the left breast the other day. It was an accident - you see, I was chasing her with it and...

Did you know about this?

magnetbabe said...

scott~I was too stunned to be pissed. Then I was too hurt to be pissed. Now she't oo cute to be pissed.

rg~Ooooh.... good idea! And very chic too.

jackie~Oh, the check sucks. The hand isn't healing well. It's in such an awkward spot. I'm being very careful to keep it clean though.

lefty~did I know about you chasing Coco around with your boob? No. Thanks for sharing. Ooooh, you mean the blog! I'll check it out. Pat Neshek's blog on there is pretty cool too.

greensunflower said...

Reminder to self: DOnt live in florida it is full of lizards and huge bugs.

PS: Is your tetanus up to date, like in the last 5 years, more than that is pushing it? If not head to your doc's office and get one

magnetbabe said...

You're right it is full of lizards and huge bugs (though if we didn't have cats, I may actually welcome the lizrds, they're way cute!). But we also have awesome birds- wild peacocks, sandhills cranes, great blue herons, etc.

I'm guessing if I'm NOT up to date, getting a tetnaus shot might be a good idea before I start trapping the feral cats? Thanks for the tip.

brainhell said...

I agree with mom.