Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random Stuff

I am just checking in. I was really busy with experiments for the last ten days, now it's time to play catch up around the house. Yesterday I worked on a manuscript for a paper and relaxed a little. Today I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, did a big grogery shopping (during the Bucs game so that the store wasn't too crowded) and Dean did four loads of wash that I still have to fold. I should finish the half dozen or so thank you cards I still need to do.

I'll be taking Wednesday off of work to get more stuff done. Getting a new driver's license, putting Dean on my bank account, going to the doctor. Why am I going to the doctor you ask? Because on Thursday Dean found out he has whooping cough and the doctor said I should get on antibiotics to make sure I don't get it. I realize I should maybe do that sooner, but I feel fine. I'm considering asking for a tetanus shot since greensunflower told me I should as long as my cats (and stray cats) continue to draw blood. Now that I'm married and have kickass health insurance so I can indulge in vaccinations.

Speaking of stray cats, next Monday is National Feral Cat Day and I am getting five of the dumspter kitties fixed for free. This will be an undertaking. I spoke extensively with the coordinator of the local host for this event. Friday I have to stop feeding the kitties to get them good and hungry. Sunday night I have to trap the kitties and keep them overnight. We decided they will stay on the balcony since it's been cooling off at night to the 60s, they should stay cool out there. Early Monday morning they'll go to the clinic. They will get spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies, shampooed and ear-cleaned, they'll get checked for abcessed teeth and treated if necessary, they'll get fluids if they're dehydrated and they'll get 1/4" clipped off their left ear so that the sames ones don't get re-fixed next time. They'll keep the kitties ovenight and then the next day I'll pick them up. The boys will go back behind the dumpster right away and the girls will stay on the balcony for one or two more days. I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it next week. If I survive.

The Twins season is over. I cried like a baby when they got down to their last out. They had a fantastic season, Baby Jesus ended up with the batting title, Johan will certainly get the Cy Young. We'll see if Morneau gets MVP. I won't hold my breath, but he deserves it. It was painful to see commentators shocked that they got beat by the A's, but that was quickly erased by the shock of the Yankees getting beat by the Tigers. Apparently it's a bigger deal when the $200M team gets outed. Torre's getting the axe even though he clearly isn't the problem. I'm thinking he would look mighty good in a Twins jersey.


lefty_grrrl said...

You'd get rid of Gardenhire? I think he's done a fine job, especially in that market. You're right about Torre, though. He's NOT the problem at all. Too much money spent on large egos who can't perform well under pressure as a cohesive unit = Yankees. Period.

I'm sad for the Twins, though I can appreciate a team like the A's going through. Same with the Tigers. I'm thrilled the Yankees lost.

Cards won tonight. Who knows how far we'll go? But at least the Cards finally played good ball this year.

I think this whole feral cat thing you're doing is awesome. We've only got one stray around here, and I'm not sure he's a stray and not just someone's cat running around. Long, long comment; sorry. :)

magnetbabe said...

I run very hot and cold with Gardy. Overall, I really like his style (even though it's just an extension of Tom Kelly's style), but he makes some really asinine decisions, especially when it matters most. There are times I think I could manage that team better. Like game 1. I KNEW putting Crain in would be a disaster and that either Rincon or Neshek are more reliable. So what did he do? Put in Crain, who gave up the second HR to Thomas and we lost the first game (and momentum) because of it. He coddles Baby Jesus, who DHs every fourth day and gets every fifth day off. He won't give up on some of the players that simply haven't panned out.

In the AL, I'm routing for the A's now. They never seem to get past the first round, and since they beat us I hope this is the year they go all the way.

Not only do the Yankees have too many egos, they don't even have a legitimate team. They've basically got the two best shortstops in all of baseball, but no 3rd baseman. They've got DHs coming out of their asses but no legitimate 1st baseman. And the Big Unit seriously needs to retire.

I was happy to see about the Cards. I think they really have a shot against the Mets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

And thanks about the cat thing. Sometimes I feel like a complete lunatic doing this.

Runner Girl FL said...

You being a lunatic and the cat thing are mutually exclusive. ;) hehehe

Love ya....mean it!!

lefty_grrrl said...

I don't even think Jeter is that good of a shortstop. He's alright in the field, but he's not stellar. He's a great batter and teammate, though.

Yes, Randy Johnson is done. It's almost embarrassing, except for all the money he's making to suck.

Frank Thomas is the man this year. I hope he stays with the A's and finishes his career there. He'll probably finish second or third in MVP voting. Yeah, it would be good to see the A's win.

On the other hand, Jim Leyland has a shot to be the second manager to ever win a WS in both leagues. (Sparky Anderson did it first.) Same thing with LaRussa, of course. And, I love Pudge. And all those young Tiger pitchers! Pretty much all 3 teams except the Yankees were worthy in my opinion.

This thing with the Mets is gonna be tough. We're leading with (gulp) Weaver. Fortunately, he seems to do better under pressure.

I'm sorry for totally taking over your comments. I love baseball talk.

magnetbabe said...

So what does that say bout you? ;)

That's cool. It's my turn to have crickets in my peanut gallery so feel free. I have to (grudgingly) agree that Frank is the man this year. All the bats and stars the Yanks have, and the team that picked up a "has been" for $500K makes it to the ALCS on his shoulders. I'm still going to have to go A's because of their small market and I have a mad crush on Zito (sorry, the girl in me is coming out).

It would be neat for Leyland to win in both leagues but wouldn't you rather see LaRussa do it? What Leyland's done already this year warrants manager of the year and I love Pudge too but he has a ring already. Basically, I'm thrilled to have two teams in the ALCS who haven't been there in a while. It should be a great series.

The thing I worry about most with the Cards is that Carpenter won't be ready until game 3 at the earliest, and the Mets aren't the team to making pitching mistakes against.

Runner Girl FL said...

Lord knows I'm nuts!! :)

Scott said...

I don't pay much attention, but when I heard that the Yankees got beaten, I painted my body and ran through downtown naked. Not really, but I was pleased nonetheless.

magnetbabe said...

scott~ Living in Mass. I doubt you would have been the only one!