Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SWF Seeks Honda Owner

Dean and I have two Honda Del Sols. They were both mine when we got married and they were both given to me by my stepdad's mom who owned them before me. The Green Machine, as she is affectionately called, is a '93 and I got her when I was a senior in high school. My Stepgrandma upgraded to a '97 Del Sol and didn't want to sell off the Green Machine, so I got her. The second year I lived in Florida, Stepgrandma decided to get a Honda Hybrid, and my friend Di and I drove the Red Machine down to Florida in a Thelma- and- Louise- type fashion (another post entirely).
They've been good cars to us, and I'm sure they like it much better in Florida than in the frozen tundra of Minneapolis. It's always a little embarrassing telling people we have two of the same car and it can be a pain when we have visitors since we can only each have one passenger.

Anyway, the other day I was leaving for work when I noticed a police car parked across the parking lot. I drive the Green Machine to work since she doesn't have AC anymore and I only work a few miles from home. I opened the passenger door and set my laptop and my lunch bag on the seat. I shut the door to walk around to the driver's side when I noticed a rather large, intimidating cop walking to the police car. And he was staring at me.

"Good morning," I said nervously.

"Good morning," He replied thoughtfully. "Can I ask you a question?" For some reason I felt this must have something to do with the cat situation.

"Okay...." I said walking towards him.

"Does your husband drive a car just like that, only red?"

"Yeah..." I was apprehensive, but secretly glad I didn't have to correct him with "boyfriend."

"Oh. Because I always see those two cars parked here and I always wondered if it was a married couple that drove those two cars."

I laughed, relieved and a little surprised that he had taken note. "Yep, that's us!"

He continued, "I always imagined two people brought together by their love of Hondas." Now I was really surprised. He was a huge cop that had thought up a whole romantic story about our two little cars! I was so sad to burst his bubble.

"Actually, they were both mine before we got married. They both belonged to my grandma!" Usually the grandma part gets people surprised and a little amused.

He was clearly disappointed.


Runner Girl FL said...

I guess big scary cops can be romantics too. But in the end we know Dean married you for your Del Sol cars. :) hehehe

Jackie said...

That is TOO funny! I would probably have peed my pants when the cop first walked up to me, so I'm glad that he was just a hopeless romantic.

Hot4Teacha said...

That is HILARIOUS! I remember fondly our Thelma & Louise trip. First, there was the breakdown in Story City, IA. Of course, Dale was "addin' up the trouble" his grandsons were in. Then, to add more fuel to the fire, there were adorable kittens scampering around everywhere! Sigh. The 80's music we rocked out to (because the Honda only had a tape player) was fabulous, and earned us a few honks from truckers. Sigh. Those were the days! Alas, no Brad Pitt run-ins. If only the Del Sol had a back seat...

Scott said...

That's when you wish you could create stories on the fly. When I was in college, I used to tell girls at parties that I was the backup quarterback at Washington State University, that I was just an injury away from being the starter. I didn't get any mileage from it (if ya know what I mean), but it was fun to be telling a lie and having to back it up with more bullshit. My friend once told a group of young girls the same lie (about me) when we were on vacation, and they hid behind a door and stared at me through the crack as I left.

Next time have some fun with it and play along. It might be fun.