Sunday, December 17, 2006


The other day I was thinking about how I'm 27 years old and I don't send out Christmas cards. My excuse thus far has been that I'm a student, that finals roll around about the time I should be doing this stuff and every other aspect of my life gets put on the back burner. Well, I have a confession. This year I probably could have done it and I just didn't. And I don't think I ever will send out Christmas cards.

Please, don't misunderstand me. I'm not a scrooge. I love Christmas because I get to spend 10 days in Minnesota for a white Christmas and then come back to paradise. I love the music. I may have been turned off of organized religion years ago, but the sound of a choir singing Christmas music can still give me the chills. I love the food, the excess of sweets and drink. Most of all, I love seeing my family at Christmas time. Letting go of all our worries for a few days and just enjoying each other's company to me is the meaning of Christmas.

But I can't bring myself to sit down with a stack of cards, sign Dean's and my name to them, write out addresses and return addresses. Hell, I can't even bring myself to decide to whom I should send cards.

So please, forgive me family and friends. I love receiving them from you, but if you wish to stop due to my lack of reciprocation I don't blame you one bit. Here is my half-assed attempt to send my holiday greeting to you, my family, my friends and my faithful readers.

Happy Holidays!

Natalie, Dean, Nellie, Wrigley, Allison,
and the Dumpster Kitties


Runner Girl FL said...

YEA!! I got a Christmas card from you!!

Scott said...

I think anyone who has ever filled out a stack of Christmas cards is totally in awe of your stance.

I read your last post, and that is a book I'll have to check out. It sounds quite interesting.

spants said...

Well if you had the time to draw that whole picture, I'd say you had time to mail send out more than a few cards.


I don't send out Christmas cards either. Waste of time, money, efforts, and paper. Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

Thanks Magnetbabe, Merry Christmas to you too!

Jackie said...

Thanks Magnetbabe, Merry Christmas to you too!

mom said...

every year i think about not sending out xmas cards, then a few of them start to come in the mail and i get sucked in. it's nice to send them to folks you don't see often, but hard to draw a line. we loved your card, it was perfect.

magnetbabe said...

I know, first one. Probably last one.

I highly recommend it. I've been plodding through it once again for the first time since high school. I read a chapter then put it down for a few weeks. I think you'd like it though.

I wish I had some artistic skill. Luckily, I found the perfect picture for me with the amazing google image search: santa+beach. It included the kitties for free!

Thanks, jackie!

Yeah, I always feel a little bad too which is why I wanted people to understand my feelings about it. As for folks I don't see often, thank heavens for blogging!