Monday, February 26, 2007


Okay, I think I'll stick with Twins pics since the last ones didn't go over so well. Unfortunately, the trade off for having a team that has the reigning MVP, batting champ and Cy Young winner is that these days are over. Baby Jesus was absolutely mobbed this year. When I said I had never seen anything like Pujols getting rushed I had no idea I would see it again among my own people. I didn't get the Sports Illustrated signed. Dean got a team baseball signed by Mauer, Morneau, and Santana (among others) which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I'm just not feisty enough to elbow my way in and get the autographs I wanted. I wanted the SI signed and I wanted my favorite Twins baseball hat signed by somebody cool. My first choice was Santana and I got pretty close. He signed some while he was walking between fields. I didn't have the coordination that the professionals have to run backwards while keeping memorabilia in his face. I was kinda just over his shoulder the whole time. Literally inches away from that gorgeous man and the temptation was strong to just reach out and touch that rock hard butt. But I didn't want to spend the night in the Lee County jail. I threw a world class hissy at Deano after my hat wasn't one of the handful of things Johan signed. It made me so angry that the people who are obviously going to sell this stuff on ebay and had hounded Johan for the whole day until got what they wanted. I just wanted my smelly, sweaty hat that isn't worth anything to have Johan's signature across the rim as a testament to how close I got to touching his butt.

But, as my mom consoled me, the players don't always think about what's fair when they are surrounded by people waving memorabilia at them. I don't blame him one bit and he's still one of my favorites. While I was patiently waiting for him to finish practice to get a shot at his butt, I mean signature, I snapped these picks of his stunning windup and delivery.

I also noticed Johan has really grown into his fame this year, joking around more with teammates as well as fans and media. Doing sprints, he started running back and forth with his fists up in the air like he was practicing for a championship. I also saw him tell Matt LeCroy he was happy to see him back and then tried to hold Matt's hand. It was hilarious. I used to see him as standoffish by I think I misjudged what in hindsight was timidness. The new personally add to the package and I have a full blown crush on Johan this year. Those silly teeny boppers can have the m&m boys. I'll take this Venezuelan specimen, thank you.

And speaking of specimen, I took this photo especially for my step dad.



Runner Girl FL said...

Fun Twins Pics!!

Boy you did have a rough crowd on the last post. Hope everyone likes these better. ;)

mom said...

keep yo hands off johan!!!

mr. schprock said...

Your Twinkies have had the coveted Fort Meyer's Mayor's Cup for too long. This is the Red Sox's year. If the Sox can take that away from the Twins, then anything else, World Series championship included, will be merely anticlimactic.

magnetbabe said...

Wow, mr. schprock! You seem to be banking on an awfully short baseball season!