Tuesday, March 27, 2007

By Request, Visual Evidence

Shortly after I posted about our spring training adventures, my mom and step dad sent me some pictures of the highlights.

In Lakeland, before we saw the alligator we saw this sign, which cracked up my parents to I took a picture of them next to it.

It wasn't quite so funny when we saw this:

(As an aside- he's even bigger in the picture than I remember him being. I was actually expecting to be disappointed after all the reflection I did about my close encounter with a gator. Of course, I had already run away screaming by this point, so this is the first time actually seeing his face.)

Most of the rest of the pictures are from Bradenton. First, Mom and me eating free chips and dip on the curb at the Bradenton St. Patrick's day street Party:


Proof of how close we were to the AL MVP (that's him just releasing the ball during practice):

Torii Hunter, who happens to be hitting a home run in this picture (this is also the same day he signed my hat but I didn't really like the picture my mom took of Torii right as he was about to sign it- I look like an idiot):

And by special request:

(Anon- if you want me to post any from the Sox game, just send them to me in an email...)


Runner Girl FL said...

Those are great!! Impressive gator!! And the weather was fantastic for them to be down. How did they go back to MN? They must have missed their kittens!

lefty_grrrl said...

Oh my dear sweet lord. Grady Sizemore is an Adonis.

minnesota blue said...

How cool are those pictures! I can't believe you got so close to those twins hunks! I'm soooo jealous!!! And, I've seen caution at deer crossings but never a gator caution! Looks like you had a great time!

Scott said...

That picture of the alligator gave me the willies. The first thought that crossed my mind is that one of my kids might run towards it, and it would make one of those lighting fast moves that gators are known for.