Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy National Feral Cat Day!


Hot4Teacha said...

Dude, they get their own DAY? How cool is that???

Pudder and I are visiting the v-e-t tonight. We are riding in the c-a-r. Not a pretty sight or sound, as she howls the entire time she's in any vehicle.

I did, however, get her a snazzy cat carrier, soft sided, red so she stands out among all the beige and grey carriers. My cat is stylin', baby.

Jeni said...

Loved the photo there of the cat! Wonder if it is available as that one I could really adopt!

magnetbabe said...

They say "every dog has his day", well I guess that's true for kitties too!

I love the soft carriers, and my cats do well with them because they use theirs as beds so they don't associate them with the v-e-t. Good luck tonight!

Unfortunately adult ferals are rarely adoptable. But their offspring are if they are rescued early enough. At least one of my kitties is a feral offspring and she is sweet as can be, I highly recommend that route over pet stores and breeders.

Anonymous said...

It is also National Boss Day. So I should probably insert some witty comment here about feral cats and bosses, but I won't.

fermicat said...

Hug those kitties for me!

MyUtopia said...

Do a crazy little dance and watch goofy videos on YouTube. That should cheer ya up.