Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Stressed- Make me Smile!

Too much to do these next couple of days. I'm giving a seminar to the undergraduates today (such babies they are!). I also have some data to analyze, a poster to make for a conference next month, Dr. Hari wants a list of things I can put in my dissertation (a pre-outline if you will) and a midterm on Friday. Not much time for anything thoughtful. Today's challenge: tell me something funny about yourself so I can stop and smile a few times the next couple days!


M-I-L said...

Last night F-I-L and I were having dinner at Doolittles and he said "They don't know what they're getting into. They should take it back". I thought someone had ordered somethng he would not like to eat. I glanced over and a couple of proud, beaming parents had just put a brand new baby down in the middle of the table in a baby carrier. I bet when/if a brand new grandchild is put in his lap he'll have a whole different opinion!

Hot4Teacha said...

Nat, I took Pudder to the vet last night to get a checkup. The vet tech and the vet were both impressed at how she practically LEAPED into their laps, purring away, as soon as they sat down at the desk. Yep, my cat is a shameless attention whore. A chip off the old block if I ever saw it! I love her to pieces!!!

Hilary C said...

I'm so glad someone else dreams about 'Big Al' (talk about your warm globes!). Is it hot down here, or, is it just Al Gore? I hope this award helps him get the big prize, the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive award!
Dreaming of Al, H C
(I'm so jealous of Tipper!)

fermicat said...

Sorry, I got nothin'.

Jeni said...

If you e-mail me (addy on my blog profile), I will send you a joke I heard oh, probably 25-27 years ago now and still remember it as it has become my most favorite of jokes. I even submitted it in my first college English class when our instructor made the mistake of asking the class to write up a joke. Bet she never made that request again!

Just wondering here if I could get away with posting said joke on my blog? Prolly not a good idea as it might burn a few ears.

Katie said...

Hmm...something funny about myself... How about this? I cannot go on a road trip without a chocolate yoo-hoo and a bag of Funyuns to snack on. My husband is just dying to kiss me after that!

Hot4Teacha said...

I often look at Tipper with envy and scorn; I would make a MUCH better Mrs. Vice President than she!

Minnesotablue said...

Grandpa discovered that KiKi has been sleeping on the couch at night so he has been cleaning it every morning before I get up, using one of those lint roller thingamajigs. A few mornings ago I caught him doing all the chairs also! I fully expect to find him vacuuming next, probably around three AM. Then he has the nerve to complain that he's spending so much money on the rollers. Go figure!

magnetbabe said...

Ha! Whenever Dean and I feel like "taking it back" (which I'm sure we will) I know just who to call...

Funny how some cats love the vet. I took Allie in last week and she rolled allover her chart who;e the vet was trying to write. Of course, they do take after their owners.

That definitely made me smile. :)

Me neither. Why do you think I turned that tables on y'all?

I'm up for some devilish humor anytime. I'll drop you a note when things slow down a little.

That is funny! What a lethal combo, can't say I'm a fan of either, but I respect a girl with a steel stomach.

I got a very vivid image of him frantically lint rolling the couch. Truthfully, I have found those things to work better than the mini-vac for cat hair on the furniture. Oh well, it keeps him busy. Thanks for sharing!

fermicat said...

OK, I got one. It's my favorite Halloween joke:

"So, this skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop."

magnetbabe said...

Haha! Thanks fermi. Shared it with the lab. :)