Sunday, November 18, 2007

You're Welcome

To date, I have sterilized 25 cats. They don't all live in my colony, some of them were adopted out and some unfortunately have disappeared. Only two I know of have actually died and some I presume have wandered on to other feeding spots, much as new ones occasionally have wandered into mine. There are several feeding spots within a mile radius of mine, and most feeders don't mind new ones, especially if the new one has a clipped ear. A clipped left ear is the symbol of a sterilized feral cat.

Because black coloring is a dominant trait, roughly half of the cats I've spayed have been black (this is no doubt exacerbated by a small gene pool). The black ones are a little hard to tell apart, but I'm certain that like the others a few have wandered off.

I had noticed a couple of months ago a black cat sitting in the window along the sidewalk I take to the dumpster. I always get a warm spot when I see a black cat because I have always adored them. And this cat always seems engaging, walking along the window sill and wagging her tail when I walk by.

It was last week when I was watching her flirtatiousness that I took a closer look at her. Was I surprised when I noticed she had a clipped ear! Yes, folks, I spayed somebody's house cat. And after thinking some time, I think I remember doing it too. I believe she was a part of the first batch I did, who were all black. I supposed there is a chance that person took in one of the dumpster cats, but they are generally too feral even for the most devoted animal lovers. I'm fairly certain someone's unsuspecting indoor/outdoor cat got trapped with the others and was sterilized and vaccinated. If she was already spayed, they didn't tell me and each cat comes back with notes on their health. So, in short, you're welcome fellow apartment complex resident, for spaying your cat (even though she is now missing part of her ear).


Jeni said...

Boy, your talk about spaying reminds me - again - that we need to get Miss Nina - our younger cat - to the vet and get her spayed before she escapes and comes back home with several new "friends" -i.e. a large addition to the family. I hate the idea of dealing with kittens - cute as they are but no one ever seems to want or need a cat when you have kittens! And, we'd be in a heck of a fix here too cause my daughter, Mandy, would be wanting to keep at least one of 'em then -if not the whole damned litter! ARRGH! I really think the work you're doing with the feral cats is very commendable. And funny too that you just figured out you may have sterilized someone's house cat in the process.

Jackie said...

that is too funny! I wonder what those people thought when their cat came back with a shaved belly and insision??

Minnesotablue said...

Natalie: Thats hilarious.

MIL said...

Oops! That is so funny! Better not let the word get out or everyone who has a cat they want spayed will be putting them in your traps!

Katie said...

You are really doing such a great thing there! Even if a pet got in with the mix, it's probably better in the long run.

greensunflowerRN said...

that is quite amusing. if someone had fixed boogie, it would have been great, but then again I gave her NSAID's and benedryl to sleep and prevent itching after the procedure and hand fed her pedialyte when she wouldnt drink, so.. um I am nuts.

But I am sure they appricate it.

And a book club is a great idea.