Friday, November 23, 2007

Two More Very Long Years

Two years ago, I told the story of how Wrigley found us the day after Thanksgiving. Well, it's now two years later and and Wrigley's fourth anniversary with us. It is commonly thought that at four years of age, a cat is completely grown and mature. Which means we're screwed. For years I had made excuses about Wrigley's behavior, that he was still a kitten and that he had yet to "grow" out of his misbehaving. Now there are no more excuses, we are just stuck with a wild, biting, howling, hyperactive cat. But I still adore him.

Let me go back once again to the beginning, namely the day he came to our door. This is him that very day (and yes, that is my thumb across his chest, I am holding him in my left hand at arm's length and snapping the picture with my right):

I hadn't had a kitten since my early childhood (we adopted Nellie full grown) so everyone (Nellie included) was taken aback by Wrigley's energy. I have a theory that the unbearable cuteness of kittens evolved simply to allow them to survive into adulthood. Nellie was a really good sport at first, taking him under her wing and tolerating his playfulness. And he followed her around relentlessly.

As the months went on and Wrigley got a little older, he sure didn't seem to be slowing down. AT. ALL. He exhausted all of us and was constantly underfoot and anywhere he wasn't supposed to be.

I often joke about how we adopted Allison under the influence. Despite the fact that we desperately wanted to save her from the shelter she was in, it wasn't lost on us that another kitten around the house could occupy Wrigley enough to let Dean, Nellie and myself relax a little. Another kitten was the only thing that could possibly match up to him energy wise. And even though Allie is the sweetest (and best behaved!) cat we have, she does her job perfectly and wears Wrigley out whenever she can.

But Wrigely is very much enamored with humans and still gives us a very tough time. He sleeps about half of what you would expect from a cat, wanders around howling when he is bored and bites you if you are sleeping and he thinks you shouldn't be. He is absolutely infuriating at times, yet completely irresistable. And we've finally accepted the fact that he will be so for as long as he's with us.


MIL said...

I love this post. I love you and Dean and the kitties. You make a warm, loving, and tolerant "family".

Christopher said...

The first shot in your post is a great and fitting mug for that dope. However, the last shot makes it clear that he is something special - even if no one else thinks so, HE most certainly does - this cat has charisma in spades. Not only did I not mind when he last drew blood biting into my cheek, I was downright flattered! I must sheepishly admit that while I’m undoubtedly excited to visit you this winter, a part of me is really looking forward to re-bonding with my buddy (hell – everybody’s body), Wrigley. Happy fourth Wriggs! Give him a can of tuna from his uncle Chris.

Christopher said...


gabrielle said...

Have you considered Ritalin? Seriously, happy fourth!!! Somehow I suspect that Wrigley putting you through your paces constitutes some kind of training....

fermicat said...

Argh! I hope Silvio doesn't turn out to be just like Wrigley. He still has energy to spare and likes to expend it at night when the two humans and the other two cats are trying to sleep. None of my cats get along either. He's only six months old, so I am hoping he'll settle down at some point. Moxy certainly did.

PS - Life has settled back down (mostly), so I hope to be back to making regular blog rounds. I've been reading, just not commenting.

Jill said...

Happy 4th Anniversary Wiggly Wrigley!!

Jeni said...

I will not, repeat NOT, show this post with the pics of Wrigley to my daughter, Mandy! She will think it is an invitation to her to bring more CATS home! The two we have are more than adequate. Gracie, pretty as she is, I do think is regressing, senile, something -but it's very frustrating cause most of it involves cleaning up piles and puddles, all lovingly left either in front of the kitchen sink or the stove! And Nina - the little orange short-hair -is so bad, so constantly tormenting Gracie's every move, chasing her, angering her cause all she really wants to do is eat, sleep, poop and whiz, and there's Nina always in her face, badgering her into a fight. Then the growling and mewling starts till Gracie slaps a good one across Nina's face and she slinks off for a while to concoct another plan of attack. Another cat added to this mix -might cause Gracie to commit suicide I do belive.

dr sardonicus said...

I love that last picture - there's no doubt who's in charge at your house.

Thanks for telling Wrigley's story again for those of us who weren't around in the early days.

magnetbabe said...

Yes, Wrigley has taught us tolerance and patience!

No doubt, he is something special. He has plenty of charisma and I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see (and bite!) you again!

Seriously, training is a possibility however, sadly, we're hoping he'll settle down a little before the real thing. We can't have him biting the children!

We have had opportunities where we've considered taking in another kitten. We have the money and we're huge animal lovers, but the discourse usually ends with "What if it turns out like Wrigley? We can't handle another!" For your sake, I hope Silvio grows out of his misbehaving. If not, you'll love him nevertheless like a good kitty mom. And I'm glad things are returning to normal. I'll be by shortly.

Wiggly says thanks!

Oh, I think you definitely need another one. Of course I say that to everyone. I've seen pictures of your orange kitty and she looks like a character!

dr s -
He most definitely runs the show. And with that face he gets pretty much whatever he wants (when we can figure it out, that is).

Scott said...

I had a cat that was like that, and he drove me absolutely insane. He howled so much at night that we had to start leaving him in the garage at night, which really broke my heart. He was a Siamese, and his voice could carry through nine feet of concrete. We had a new baby at the time that had trouble sleeping, and that cry would wake the baby up. That was near the end of my cats life, and I still feel awful about it.

hhboots said...

If he is anything like his "cousin" Marley, he will be w/ you and Dean for a long time. Marley just celebrated his 18th year with us in July !!

Hot4Teacha said...

Wrigley and Puder would be tough to tell apart from a distance. This means, of course, that there are two equally most-cute-cats-ever in the world.

Beth said...

Oh gosh, that is a sweet post. Wrigley is really quite a good looking cat and was a very cute kitten. We have one cat, Scully, he's generally a good old boy. No trouble at all although a week ago he bit me, which was odd as I was just petting him and put two holes in my hand. I look like a was attacked by a feline vampire. Very weird.

magnetbabe said...

Sounds like you had a Wrigley too. Just when we think he has truly driven us to the brink of madness, he does something adorable and irresistable.

Wow! I knew Marley was getting up there, that's impressive. I remember him as a kitten, what a sweetie.

Ha! Did you ever think when you were visiting me and terrified of Wrigley that you'd have one of your own that looks JUST LIKE HIM?

Cats will bite and who knows what goes on in their brains to make them cranky once in awhile. I think you should post a picture of Scully. I'm a whore for kitty pics.