Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cleaning Up

In the absence of anything useful or interesting to say, I thought I would point out the obvious. That is, I made some changes. I will likely add some more stuff but got tired of working on it today. I couldn't get rid of my header though, Nellie's eyes are just too hypnotic.


fermicat said...

The new colors and look are refreshing! Redecorating is hot!

Scott said...

Maybe you could shorten the height of your header and make it more opaque? One look at my blog and you can totally disregard anything I have to say about artistic expression!

Dianne said...

I love Nellie's eyes! glad they're staying

the color is refreshing - and easy on the eyes, I like it

you're like me - I start and then I've had enough and have to return to it another time.

I do that a lot actually.

LL said...

Oh... you changed things? Hmmm. :P

Looks good... well... everything except the cat. :P

magnetbabe said...

Scott and LL-
I should have clarified that POSITIVE feedback was welcome. ;)