Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I managed to have a little fun this weekend. I got to hang out with blogbuddy (and now "real life" friend!) Anne from over at e.b.'s world on Saturday. We just sat at one of the lovely outdoor restaurant in Ybor City, had a couple of brews and talked about everything and nothing.

Saturday evening Dean and I went to the Clearwater Thresher's game, where we laughed at the group date where the girls wore too much makeup and the boys too much cologne. We didn't pay too much attention to the game, just enjoyed the weather and the minor league atmosphere. The reason for our trip to Clearwater wasn't the game, it was to try the new Clearwater Famous Dave's. As we are both fans of Famous Dave's, this was a big development for us. We anticipate many more Clearwater trips before leaving the region. Each Famous Dave's has a different theme - the one in Uptown Minneapolis is like a St. Louis blues bar, the one near the University of Minnesota Campus is decorated like an old time gas station, and the one at Mall of America is like a rustic Northern Minnesota cabin. Fittingly, the Clearwater location is decorated like a beach house with old time life jackets and water skis. Very cute. And the food was just as good as I remember.

And lastly, we have spent the last several evenings caring for and being entertained by these guys:

They are the offspring of my last fertile female, and they are Dixie's half-siblings so it is no surprise that they are utter maniacs. When I first caught them they were pretty freaked out

But now they are playing and enjoy being handled. They are about 5 weeks old and into absolutely everything. They spend most of their time in a cage on the balcony but for a few hours each night I lock up our cats and let the babies run around in the living room. There is one boy and one girl. They have nearly identical markings. However, like most solid-colored cats, as babies they have faint tabby markings under their top coat. The boy has stripes, and the girl has swirls. They will grow out of their "tabbiness" though and be beautiful tuxedo cats in only a couple of months.

On Sunday they are going to the Animal Coalition of Tampa as part of their "Street Kitties" program. ACT will spay/neuter them, along with de-fleaing, de-worming and first round of vaccinations. Then they will go to PetSmart where I'm certain they will be adopted by the first person who lays eyes on them because really, who could resist?


Dianne said...

I love the atmosphere of a minor league stadium. I've gone to some of the games at the stadium in Coney Island. Even in the midst of NYC it feels small town.

Love the new kitties and as always, I admire you so much for all you do.

anne said...

Hi Kitties! You guys sure are cute.

Had a great time Saturday, we should definitely do it again.

Jill said...

How CUTE are they!! I'm sure it will take no time for them to go. It would be nice if someone took both but they will be fine even if they go to separate homes

magnetbabe said...

It always gives you that "Bull Durham" feeling, doesn't it? And you don't feel nearly as bad for not actually paying attention.

They know it too!
Yes, definitely again soon.

I feel the same way. At first I worried because they would cry if they were separated. Now, when they are in the apartment they wander in different directions and seek out the humans (Dean and me both). They are becoming affectionate with us and once they each find a forever "human mommy" they will be just fine.

Jeni said...

Those kittens are way cute! Did I mention that we will soon have a kitten family here? The lovely little Jorge is about to become a momma. The 16-year-old says she's been offering a kitten, FREE, to all of her friends, telling them they will be semi-legal Mexican immigrant kittens. Don't know how she figures all that is part of their lineage and I'm not even going to try to figure it out either.

fermicat said...

Cute!! I remember when my first two cats were kittens and they still had a distinguishable pattern in their coats. Later, they appeared to be solid gray and solid black.

Minor league sports are lots of fun. I used to go to minor league hockey when I lived in New England. Had a blast.

Minnesotablue said...

Last year we went to a minor league game in Kansas. Team was named The Kansas City -TBones. We had a blast.The field was quite large and looked like a profession ball park. Every seat sold out and more, we ended up sitting on the grass way out in left field.And the enthusiasm for the team was great.

Hot4Teacha said...

Oh the cuteness! Those big blue eyes...are...pulling...me...in! No, must escape! Too cute, cannot keep!

dr sardonicus said...

The dumpster kitties appreciate all you do for them. Happy Mother's Day.

Beth said...

I really find your work with kittens and cats so very noble. I wrote about my furbabies today. If every person could just take in one stray and commit to spreading the word for pet care/safety, we'd have a different world.