Saturday, June 25, 2005

Code Red (well, actually code tabby...)

One of the best (and sometimes worst) things I've inherited from both my mother and my grandma Celia is an intense love of animals. Especially cats. Considering my mom and my grandma come from different sides of the family, I was destined to be in trouble. If it weren't for Dean, I'd be the epitome of a crazy cat lady. We have three cats: Nellie, Wrigley and Allison. When I tell this to people, I generally get the same reaction,
"Wow! Three?!"
This can be a little irritating because it seems perfectly normal to most people to have two. Having three automatically makes you a freak. My standard response to this reaction is,
"Well, we only wanted to have two, but accidents happen...."
Which is basically true. When we moved down here, we adopted Nellie from a local feline rescue (which is sadly no longer in business). Nellie was thrilled to be an only cat. Unfortunately for Nellie, her owners find it absolutely impossible to turn their backs on a cat in need. One morning we were awoken by Wrigley, who was a kitten at the time. He was hungry and howling outside our door (on the second floor! It had to have been fate.). For the record, he hasn't really ever stopped howling. We took him in and since he was a kitten, Nellie really had no problem with him except that he's pretty rambuctious. I won't go into too many details about how we got Allison. I will only reveal that the night we adopted her there was alcohol, and one hell of a sob story (which turned out to be mostly made up).
Where am I going with all this? Well I was taking out the garbage tonight and discovered a situation in need of immediate attention. A cat and her litter of kittens. OH MY GOD. I don't need to describe them, they were kittens. That's all I need to say. Thank God they seemed feral or else I wouldn't be writing this now, I would tending to my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th cats while breaking my mother's record of Owner of the Most Cats out of Anyone I Know.
And to answer the question everyone is thinking: Yes. I fed them.

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