Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sooooooo Embarrassed

My hunt continues for the bio people. The program coordinator for the fellowship I'm applying for gave me a list of potential co-advisors. Since the device I have envisioned would be a mechanical sensor (heart rate, breathing rate, blood press pressure, etc) the list of contacts seem to be people who are involved with these processes. The first guy I wrote to was a cardiac specialist. Sounds neat, right? I emailed him with my idea and didn't hear anything back. The second guy was a neonatal specialist. That got me full of all sorts of ideas about external fetal sensing for pregnant women. Cool! Yeah, he didn't write me back either. The coordinator gave me a third name of a guy which he described as specializing in hypertension. Again, pretty interesting. He wrote me back saying that he wasn't sure if he could help me, but he'd take a look at my proposal and get back to me. After the first two rejections, I felt this response was good news. I decided to find the website of this potential collaborator to get more details. This is what I found:

"My research interests are broadly focused on the control of reproductive processes in the male with special emphasis on the interactions among the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary and testes."

What?! That doesn't sound like hypertention stuff and now this guy thinks I want to work on crotch sensors. No wonder he sounded so skeptical in his response. How many grad students, I take that back, how many FEMALE grad students come to this guy saying, "I want to work on testicles with you"? Feeling a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

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mom and tom said...

your idiot mother just figured out where the comment field was but as you know we (tom and I) have loved every word!

mom and tom