Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why I Think I Gained 5 Pounds in Minnesota (But I'm too scared to actually check)

1. White Castle (5 cheeseburgers, didn't waste time with fries)
2. Famous Dave's (regular rib platter, corn on the cob, fries, corn bread, drunken apples)
3. Sydney's (spicy sausage and red pepper fettuccine)
4. Michelob Golden Draft Light (surprisingly not available in Tampa)
5. Lake Harriet Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream cone
6. Rotisseria Take-Out Chicken*
7. Chipolte (pork burrito with beans, rice, salsa and guacamole)
8. OddFellows* (roasted chicken with risotto and pan sauce, later regurgitated into a laundry tub along with 2 bottles of wine)
9. Evergreen Taiwanese (potstickers, steamed buns, seaweed salad, beef with broccoli, rice)
10. Big Bowl (potstickers, Chicken Pad Thai)
11. Green Mill (classic spaghetti and meat sauce)
12. Figlio (ziti with sausage and tomato sauce)
13. La Perla de la Pacifico (see 7 plus a pina colada).
14. Legacy Chocolate truffles* (classic, almond, espresso, mint)

Why I probably didn't gain ten pounds instead of five?
Frequent lovely walks around Lake Harriet and the Mall of America with wonderful company.

*If you live in the Twin Cities area and have not tried these things, you absolutely must! Details upon request.


mom said...

did we forget about champs where you had the sandwich soup and salad hold the salad i'll take some fries? what are vacations for?

bubba 69 said...

enough about what you ate on vacation! what did poor dean eat with nobody home to cook for him? still waiting for more on dean, he sounds awesome!

Scott said...

This post made me very hungry!

Anonymous said...

bubba 69,
dean is a big boy, i am sure he managed just fine on his own. hell, maybe he even taught himself how to cook... you never know.

magnetbabe said...

Ooooh! I forgot about Champps. For the record, I had a choice between soup and salad and soup and sandwich. I chose the sandwich over the salad because I knew it came with fries (and seasoned sour cream). I also knew the sandwich had lettuce and tomato, which is sorta like a salad...

labwench said...

i like the idea of vacation food blogging.

Anonymous said...

POOOR DEAN! Imagine! Having to cook for himself! Sounds like you should take more vacations!

dancingo4 said...

I'm sorry but I must remind you of the gorging that took place after the girls night out at Oddfellows: 2-3 bottles of wine accompanied by a bag of cheetos, pringles, cookies, m&ms and general grazing on the snacks.

OH - and we can't forget the licorice straws. Ha ha....

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Did Dean loose the five pounds you gained?

magnetbabe said...

The general girls night gorging is assumed. The Cheetos and m&m's are a maintstay but the cookies and pringles are a nice addition. Drinking wine through licorice straws was interesting. Good in theory, but I think the licorice straws would be betters suited to daiquiris. Maybe we'll experiment next time...

Dean and I have an agreement not to discuss his eating habits while I'm out of town.

Auntie said...

Why is America focused on food all the time!!!

magnetbabe said...

I can think of a lot worse things to be focused on. And it's not just America. Despite our gluttonous habits, their are other cultures that appreciate food much more than we do. They just don't go overboard on their portions like Americans do. In all cultures, people associate food with celebrations, socializing, even seduction. The meals I ate on vacation were one way to keep track of all the fun things I did because everytime I wanted to see someone, they said "How bout dinner/lunch/cocktails?" Honestly, it was the company I enjoyed much more athn the food but describing all the fun conversations I had in Minnesota would take days to blog.