Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I know that I left my posts last week a little on the negative side. A week of pampering by one's family and friends can make all the difference in the world. That and massive amounts of expensive wine.
The wedding. Let me start by clarifying one VERY important point. I think the groom is a really wonderful man. He is a great friend to Dean. The bride is a very sweet woman with whom I have little in common but I am more than willing to spend time with her for Dean's sake. That being said, here are the events that transpired as best as I remember them. The rehearsal was nerve racking as I had to see several people at once that I hadn't seen in over three years and with which I had definitely not left Minnesota on good terms. I exchanged half a dozen polite words with them while making it clear that I was trying very hard to be pleasant. The Groom's dinner was at a nice restaurant and Dean and I made a point of sitting by strangers rather than the dreaded ex-college friends. It was sitting by strangers that led us to meet an extremely nice couple that we hit it off with right away. We spent most of the rest of the time galavanting around with the couple and I hope we can stay in touch.
The ex-college friends retired from dinner early, while Dean and I, the groom, the new couple, and the bride's brother proceeded shut down the bar, drink all the provisional alcohol Dean and I had brought and got kicked out of the hotel hot tub for NUMEROUS violations. That's all I remember about that night. I was later told that I passed out and the gang carried on without me in another room due to my alcohol-induced snoring. I'm not sure what they did the rest of the night, but in Dean's words "the morning paper beat me to the room."
Needless to say I was moving a little slow the next day for the actual wedding. I had just gotten the hotel room to stop spinning when I had to attempt to look presentable for the ceremony. The ceremony was nice despite the fact that churches freak me out a little. Luckily, Dean's parents were there for me to cling to though while Dean was doing his best man thing. Speaking of best men, Dean was fantastic. He made a touching toast and after the meal, spent all evening mingling, unlike the socially-crippled ex-college friends who only talked to each other and then left early. Dean didn't spend more than five minutes at one table, making small talk, complementing the ladies and periodically checking up on his own date. After Dean's parents left early (they were smart enough NOT to stay in Boondocks, Minnesota for the night) I revisited the couple we had met the night before, where I learned that olives and beer go pretty well together. The reception was so UNeventful that even the groom was disappointed. For a minute it was looking like an ex-couple (with the girl now engaged) were going to re-connect in the presence of the current fiance. Unfortunately, much to the groom's dismay it didn't happen (I think he was hoping for some wedding drama to play out). Even that would have been slow by wedding standards.
So after closing down the wedding, the same group as the night before (sans groom) proceeded once again with the after party, and the hot tub violations. The security guard was so tired of kicking us out that he redirected us to an all night pool and hot tub. All in all, I think I earned an A+ at this wedding.


mom said...

i have never been to a wedding that wasn't chock full of drama, family squabbles, this person not talking to that person etc etc etc isn't that what people LIKE about weddings? if you were invited just to celebrate the event with the bride and groom, who would go?
if you never see any drama at a wedding you are DEFINATLEY not paying attention to what's going on around you!

Scott said...

Well said, mom! I've never been to one without some interesting sideshow or ten. Welcome back to the blogosphere magnetbabe. It sounds to me like you held yourself in check when you most needed to, and had an excellent time.