Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinner, Dumpster Style

My step dad took this picture of the dumpster kitties while he was in town. This is about half- they get a little shy around strangers. All of these are fixed. (Sylvia- the tabby right up front is the same one you were asking about the other day!)


Jackie said...

oh my goodness, aren't those guys precious!

Scott said...

My grandma has a new cat this weekend, and we had a grand old time watching our new dog, roughly same size as the cat, slowly make friends.

magnetbabe said...

They are to me! Even if they're a little rough around the edges..

Check the time stamp on my comment to you. Weird. It's always fun to watch animals figure each other out. dogs are usually much more willing to make friends.

syliva said...

That was such an awesome experience to help you with the kitties and I love this picture. We visitors can come and go but this is their life - thank you for making it so much better for them.

Runner Girl FL said...

They are cute and I like getting feeding duty when you are out of town sometimes. I always stick around and see who comes for dinner.

Michelle said...

We have a lot of cats like that in downtown Greensboro. Everyone feeds them. You should see them they are fat and happy and fixed.
Thanks to the feral cat program.