Thursday, April 19, 2007

Teeny Tiny Update

The new equipment has stopped hissing. Thank God because it took everything I had to come in today knowing that I may very well have to endure eight more hours of it. I've been rewarded for my perseverance.

I think I may have finally gotten a good haircut! Awhile back (18 months maybe) I stopped driving to St. Pete to see my favorite stylist Allie. It was way too far to drive and then after a couple of botched attempts I felt too foolish to crawl back to her admitting I'd seen someone else. I finally decided to stop guessing about what might be good places to go and put the money into going to an official Aveda salon. In Minneapolis I lived within walking distance of an Aveda institute and evidently took for granted just how hard it is to find someone who knows how to cut hair. Especially curly, unruly hair like mine. It wasn't too much more than what I'd been spending for the crap shoots before so it was worth it in my book. My new stylist's name is Sarah and she really scared me at first. She wore stripper shoes and had a tattoo on her ankle of a pair of scissors with blood dripping from them. But she pretty much rocked. I was skeptical because she was so fast but my hair looks great today.

The icing on the cake was this email I got from the "foster mom" I wrote about yesterday:

My dark, handsome buddy is doing fine. He loves to have his head, neck, chin and in general entire body scratched and the pleasure is mine. The vet was right, he eats like a horse! Good sign of course and I'm NOT complaining! He gets wet and dry food 3 times a day along with his water and seems quite content. This morning he started eating his wet food while I was putting in his dry food so he's obviously not intimidated by me. He did hiss once when I first opened the cage but that was it. Poor guy has had rough go of it! My week/weekend is open if you guys would like to come by and visit him. You know you're always welcome.

I know what we'll be doing this weekend...

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fermicat said...

Ahh, happiness is a good haircut. The lady who cut my hair all through high school and partway through college died (!) and I didn't get my hair cut for over a year, because I was scared of what a new person would do to it. When I finally did go elsewhere, it was a total disaster.