Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, readers, I am jinxed and I blame you. After you all called me a writer I have nothing to say. It's all in my head and the pressure is paralyzing me. Actually I do have some things I want to discuss but I am quite busy with life in the real world. I will do my best, but this may increasingly become the case as I get ready to go on my summer internship.

Speaking of internship, the papers are signed (which includes a handsome wage I wasn't expecting), and my flight is booked. I'll be arriving in Minneapolis on May 12th, spending the first Mother's Day in five years with my mom, and reporting to a real grown-up type job on May 14th. I'm nervous for the normal things: Will they like me? Will I do a good job? Will my boss be nice? Or yell at me the first time I inevitably screw up? As my friend says, if you weren't nervous, you'd still be in your comfort zone which means you're not growing. Very wise.

In other news, our lab just got a new piece of equipment that is causing such stress and chaos as to further excite me to get the hell out of here in 3 1/2 weeks. I am considering faking something like mono just to avoid the tension this stupid thing is causing everyone. But I'm a better labmate than that. There has been lots of yelling, pointing and spilled liquid Nitrogen. There has also been a lot of brainstorming and McGyver-style antics like rigging a transfer line out of rubber hosing, PVC piping, some O-rings and a metal rod.

On the kitty front, Dean's black kitty is doing remarkably well. We ended up not housing him as we felt we just didn't have the experience to care for such a serious injury and on a feral cat nonetheless. One of the people that run the sanctuary he will eventually end up in volunteered to him into her home and is fostering him until he is well enough to be on his own in the enclosure. We were originally going to have him discharged from the hospital about a week and a half ago since they do charge a boarding fee and we thought we could save some money by moving him sooner rather than later. After the "foster-mom" volunteered to take him, she highly recommended leaving him in the hospital until he could heal a little more. After expressing to her that we want to do everything in our power to help this cat but that unfortunately we weren't a walking blank check, we decided upon a financial arrangement. She let Dean and I name our maximum price we would be willing to pay and the sanctuary would pick up the rest. He was discharged yesterday and after settling the bill the sanctuary is paying in excess of $200. We'll be making some periodic donations or even volunteering for an afternoon when we find ourselves in times of plenty. We (and the kitty!) are so lucky people like that exist.

That's all I got. The new equipment is hissing and giving me a raging headache. I'm outta here in an hour to get a haircut. We'll see if I can do this again tomorrow, or if I come down with a rare tropical disease in the meantime.


Runner Girl FL said...

The plague is always a winner!!

lefty_grrrl said...

Ebola virus is a good one.

Scott said...

I know what you mean about pressure. I feel it myself every time I sit down to write some more of my story, especially after having read a good excerpt to the group, and feeling like I have to back it up with something just as brilliant or better.

Don't worry about the job. I go through that every time I start a new one, and I always come out smiling. You will too. That won't ease your tension, but just remember what it took to get where you are today. It wasn't by accident.

e.b. said...

You will do great at the job. Think of it as a learning experience and not from a pressure standpoint.

magnetbabe said...

I was thinking SARS because then I'd probably be on the news, too.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Scott and e.b. I hope you're right!