Monday, April 09, 2007


Why is it that when I have an especially busy week ahead of me, rather than taking advantage of precious sleep, I stay up all night thinking about stupid stuff? I woke up at 3:30 this morning, and have been up since. Lovely way to start to a busy work week.

All of my 10^11 of neurons were firing at once last night. Here’s a random sampling:
  • What am I going to make for dinner Thursday night? (I have Monday-Wednesday figured out already.)

  • When am I gong to make it to Target this week? I want to go because I want to break down and buy one of those huge Tupperware containers for gift wrap and store in under the bed rather than have my gift wrap randomly tossed in our measly hall closet.

  • When can I get my hair cut?! My ends feel like steel wool.

  • I can’t forget to change the fan in Old Bessie before I leave for Minnesota.

  • Can I refrain from drinking too much at this year’s NSF poster symposium on Wednesday?

  • Should I have Heather try to do a Spay Day for me while I’m in Minnesota? It will be difficult to describe the few that still need fixing.

The whole bed becomes disrupted when I can’t sleep. Mainly because what does everyone do when they can’t sleep? Toss and turn. Only for me, tossing and turning goes from position #1 (me on my side, Nellie on my feet, Allison curled in my knee pits, Wrigley curled against my stomach) to position #2 (me on my back, Nellie on my feet, Allison on my chest, Wrigley by my shoulder) and vice versa causing a stir. Occasionally during this repositioning Dean will get disrupted and switch positions. If his switching coincides with one of the cats switching he can roll over onto one and then everyone is put on the defensive. Which brings me to a common, not so random thought: when we finally move out of this dump, we need a bigger bed than a full size.


e.b. said...

We should've chatted I was up at 4 am and the dogs started barking at 5. And we just moved from a full to Queen - definitely a good move.

greensunflower said...

Man I cant even sleep with a 5lb dog in the same bed with me and Babe and we have a queen!

A funny story.
When Babe and I moved out of our ghetto dump, we got the queen bed. Babe wanted to get another full because he didnt want me to be able to not touch him while we slept. But now he talks about a king.

dancingo4 said...

I'm in agreement with greensunflower. We have been talking about a King for a while now. We registered for King sheets for the wedding - even though we have a Queen now. I really do love my husband = but he is a furnace. I can't stand waking up in the middle of the night to peel my arm off of his all sweaty and hot. Nope. King is our next big purchase.
I can't even imagine adding a few little animals in there. They would be goners from the beginning. I don't share well.

fermicat said...

My husband and I upgraded to Queen from Full about a year ago. Huge difference!! Now there is room for us and our two cats to all stretch out and be comfortable. Well, in theory. In reality, the cats will always find a way to take the best real estate on the bed and leave you shivering on the edge with half the covers you should have.

Jackie said...

This post explains why Ruby has her own "bed" on the ground. She is allowed up to cuddle during the day, but at night, all 60pounds of her just take up WAY too much space!

magnetbabe said...

The ongoing theme seems to be that a long term relationship changes your opinion about snuggling up in a teeny tiny bed. Deano's a furnace too. As much as we would love to sleep further apart in a bigger bed (after 7 years a romantic vacation is a king size bed in a hotel- we don't even have to touch while sleeping!) I'm not sure the cats would spread out. As much as I love snuggling the kitties, they can get to be dead weight in the middle of the night.

lefty_grrrl said...

You guys are in a FULL size? That's nucking futs, Natalie. Get a king - you won't regret it, I promise.