Friday, July 08, 2005


I came into this world 26 years ago today, kicking, screaming and yellow. I was unhappy about the whole thing, but I’m over it. Last night I couldn’t sleep. It might have been the 3 cups of coffee, 32 oz Mountain Dew Slurpee and 44 oz Diet Pepsi I shared with Dean at the Rays game. Or it could have been the CONSTANT harassment I endured from Wrigley ALL NIGHT. Whatever it was, it caused me to reflect on birthdays past. Here are some of my memories:

6th or 7th birthday. Having a sleepover with my fiends and getting in my mom’s closet and playing “dress up” with her “night gowns.”

8th birthday. My parents got a used Ford Pinto wagon. Beige with wood paneling and plaid seats. Tres chic. My friends and I were excited and fought over who got to ride in the back to the water park.

10th(?) birthday. My parents treated me to a shopping spree at Toys R Us. This seems like a dumb move on their part, but it was actually incredibly smart. As a little girl a loved playing with little dolls, little animals, little cars, anything little (is it a wonder I work in nanotechnology?). As a result, at Toys R Us, I was happy as a lark shopping for my stuff, but I don’t think I racked up more than a $50 bill. It was probably one of the cheapest birthdays ever for my parents.

19th birthday. Working at Bachman’s, Paul had the day off but came in and surprised me wearing a goofy outfit with his guitar. He sang me a song he wrote for me for my birthday. It’s still one of the fondest birthday memories I have. Plus Patty brought in homemade devil dogs.

21st birthday. Going out at midnight on my birthday for my power hour. Minneapolis used to close at 1 so you could go out for one hour right when you turned 21. I went with my girlfriends and Dean, the only boy. I drank an insane amount of alcohol and then went home. Dean and Amanda spent the rest of the night soothing me and cleaning me up while I alternately vomited and insisted that I was indeed GOING TO DIE. Dean and I had been dating for 6 months. After seeing me in such a state and staying with me, he must be the one. The next day I was so sick I could barely choke down a celebratory glass of wine with dinner.

24th birthday. I spent alone in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on my internship. I thought I would be lonely, but I treated myself to a sack of Krystal burgers (still far inferior to White Castle), a six pack of Bud Light from the local Super Walmart and read Anna “Banana” Karenina. All in all, not bad.

I could go on, but I wanted to share just a sample of July 8th memories. Some silly, some sweet, some gross. By the way, today has been great so far! Thanks everybody for the cards, treats and well wishes.


Scott said...

So you got seranaded at work? How cool! Paul was courageous. I'd like to hear more about that, how your friends reacted, etc.

grandma said...

I well remember the day, 26 years ago! Our first grandchild and what a beauty she was!!!We were so proud of you and through the years you have far exceded any expectations we may have had for you!!You do us proud girl!!

magnetbabe said...

Though the story makes it seem like he was curageous, Paul was really an attention hound. He was one year my junior and as long as I knew him he wanted to be a broadcaster of some sort. People at Bachman's (a garden canter in Mpls) would be shocked would they would see this teenager pick up the phone and page someone in a booming, campy, car salesman voice. I think our boss would be irritated, but he really wasn't doing anything wrong. We never dated, but had an affectionate friendship and I really admired his creativity. When I think back on him coming into work with an obnoxious shirt, jeans, suspenders and a straw hat and singing me my own personal song, I'm sure my friends thought "Why on Earth aren't they together?" The real reason was that I was 19 and interested in an older man (which turned out to be a disaster). From time to time though I do think about Paul and hope he is doing something that really lets him use his creativity.

magnetbabe said...

Thanks for commenting! Your love and support means som much to me. I don't think I would be where I am today without the influence of such strong women (like you!) in my life. I love you!

mom said...

sweetie i sure could one-up you on the birthday memories i think i remember them all! but how can you be 26? i'm still trying to lose the weight i gained when i was pregnant with you......

Scott said...

I don't remember the quote exactly, but I just read on someones blog: "I was so upset when I was born that I didn't talk for a year and a half.

Paul sounds a little corny, but I think I would have liked him.

Rebecca said...

And to think I was jealous on this day.