Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cat 3 Storm

Dean left town literally minutes before the outer bands of hurricane Dennis started to reach the Tampa Bay area. I was ready to have a crazy ladies night out on the town while I was a bachelorette, but we decided that a hurricane with the possibility of tornadoes might be a little too crazy. So, I have bunkered down and not left the apartment all weekend. (Confession: I haven't even left my pajamas all weekend.) Those who know me best know that these kinds of weekends suit me just fine. And the rain hasn't been scary, just persistent. Once in between the eruptions of rain, I went to feed the Dumpster Kitties, as I now affectionately refer to them. As a side note, I've noticed that when I walk to the dumpster lately the neighborhood kids don't talk to me anymore. I think that in my attempts to hide my stadium cup full of cat food, I've come off looking like the crazy lady that sometimes hides out behind the dumpster. Anyway, the kitties must have bunkered down too because they were no where to be found.
These types of weekends remind me that my oldest cat, Nellie, and myself share one great passion in life: finding the warmest, softest spot in the apartment and taking a nap there. Generally I opt for the bed. Nellie always finds me there and looks up at me with these enormous eyes that say, "Hey! Good idea! I think I'll join you." Then she promptly jumps up and goes to sleep. Nellie has been known to be quite creative though. I swear, I would have never guessed the green chair in the office was a comfy place to nap until I caught her doing it once and tried it myself. Sometimes, though her ideas are fabulous, I just can't join her and it really sucks. Like when I'm folding laundry and she comes and lies in the pile of warm clothes. I would like nothing better than to burrow myself in there too, but a person has responsibilities.
So this weekend has thus far has been nothing but periodic naps in between reading nanobio stuff (yes, the hunt is still on for the bio pals to collaborate with) and watching extremely campy movies from the 80's. Surprisingly Wrigley, our own category 3 storm, that ferocious lizard hunting, ball fetching, water loving, bee chasing freak has hid under the bed the whole storm. Go figure.


mom said...

hurricanes, bees, lizards, what's wrong with minnesota?

Scott said...

Mom - It's none of my business, but I can sum it up in one word: snow!

I had a ferret that could make sleeping on a brick look comfortable. Sleeping animals make it look so luxurious.

grandma said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend. I would like nothing better than to curl up with a good book for an entire weekend. My last book was When my sister was Cleopatra Moon. It was light reading but I really enjoyed it. I am starting on Home and Away next. The book is by Scott Simon of NPR,s Weekend edition.About a sports fans memoir. Supposed to be a good book.

magnetbabe said...

Gram- Let me know if Home and Away is good. Dean and I might both be interested.