Saturday, April 29, 2006

ABC's of MB

First, some acknowledgements:

I stole the idea for my new "library thing" widget on the side from LeftyGrrrl. I coveted hers for weeks and finally sat down and got my own this morning.

Thanks to Jackie for this fun ABC meme!

Accent: Minnesoooootan
Booze: Wine (red or white), Cape Cods, Margharitas
Chore I Hate: dusting (allergies)
Dog or Cat: Certified Crazy Cat Lady
Essential Electronics: laptop, MP3/radio
Favorite Cologne: Chanel No. 5
Gold or Silver: gold
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Insomnia: never
Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Kids: someday...
Living arrangements: living in sin with my boyfriend
Most Admirable Trait: sensitivity
Number of sexual partners: that's confidential information
Overnight hospital stays: only as a baby
Phobias: driving on the freeway
Quote: "The pursuit of truth is more precious than its possession."-A. Einstein
Religion: Agnostic
Siblings: one step sister
Time I wake up: 6:30 am weekdays, 10ish on weekends
Unusual talent or skill: remembering where everyone else put things they've lost.
Vegetable I love: broccoli
Worst habit: chewing on my hair while I'm concentrating
X-rays: teeth, chest
Yummy foods I make: spaghetti pomodoro, goulash, beef stroganoff
Zodiac sign: cancer


Jackie said...

oh my goodness, I just LOVE your quote! Can I steal it and use it on my blog?

Good list by the way.

magnetbabe said...

Sure! You have my expressed written consent to use something Einstein said on your blog *wink*.

Jackie said...

lol, thanks! Your the closest thing to Einstein I have! lol

mom said...

about your new "terror alert"? when bert's flying a plane into the pentagon you won't be laughing quite as hard....

magnetbabe said...

Mom! I'm shocked at you. Just because Bert has a unibrow doesn't make him a terrorist.

Hot4Teacha said...

And here I always thought Ernie was the suspicious one... hmmm...

Nat, I didn't realize you had an affinity for broccoli...the things you learn! I feel closer to you already.

Had crazy weekend at a wedding in small town Minnesota. Very Bargman-esque, picture that for a second, wouldya?

No wonder I drank so much.

Scott said...

Natalie - You keep pushing me to improve my blog. Damn you! Now I need a library thingy.

mr. schprock said...

"The pursuit of truth is more precious than its possession."-A. Einstein

That old pick-up line? He got that from my great-grandfather. Einstein usually followed it up with, "Wanna see my slide rule collection?"

magnetbabe said...

Bargman-esque I don't need to picture. I lived through such a weeding, barely and without much dignity afterwards.

Don't go to the library thing website without several hours of free time. Glad I'm pushing you to work harder!

Mr. Schprock~
If you replaced "truth" with "ass" you may be really onto something with the whole pickup line...