Friday, April 07, 2006

Truffle Trafficking

When my dad came to visit me in February, he brought me a box of Legacy truffles as part of a belated Christmas gift. Here are my feelings about Legacy truffles. They are made by an old-fashioned choclatier and come in exotic, delictable flavors such as Sweet Bourbon and Chipotle. They come in different "strengths" to cater to different choclate tolerance levels. 58%, 72%, 85% and most recently 99% (I'm anxious to try it) cocoa. I'm not sure if this is by mass or volume. I should find out. Since they are almost pure cocoa, they are not loaded with sugar and whole milk so they are better for you than a Snickers bar. That's my excuse for eating one truffle almost everyday. And one is plenty.

I do not let Dean eat my truffles. He had one once and goofed by saying, "these aren't that great." When Dad brought me the box, I bought Dean a bag of "junk chocolate" to keep him satiated.

I have one lonely Merlot truffle left from that box Dad brought me. I have rationed them out as best I could. When I went online to secretly order some more I was willing to pay a ridilculous amount to have them shipped to Florida. I was not willing to settle for the flavors they offered in their "variety pack." Almond, mint, espresso, pecan and classic. Those are all delcious, but where was the Kahlua and Champagne? I finally talked my dad into going to the store itself after emailing him a list of my requested flavors (including this new 99% one I must try). I confessed to being a chocolate addict and he has since referred to himself as my enabler. He got my box of truffles ready and is still going to have Legacy send them to me to ensure they are properly packed and kept cool for their long trip. And I'm expecting a sizable bill. But money is no object when it comes to truffles.


Jackie said...

Nothing is more over-rated then good sex, and nothing is more under-rated then a good truffle.

At least that's what I hear, personally, I think if you mix the two..... ;)

Runner Girl FL said...

OMG!! I love Champagne truffles. I haven't had these but I would be so in. Now, I realize that means I have to go to MN my self and find them. I just mean next time in my life I'm up that way....I WILL! The Godiva Champagne onese are amazing so I would be in for trying something that someone says is better.

Jackie...I'm with you but first the truffle....that way it doesn't get smooshed.

Hot4Teacha said...

Next time I have my students make truffles, I should have them do the more exotic flavors. Champagne or rum would probably get me fired, but man, it might be worth it!

brainhell said...

> I do not let Dean eat my truffles.

Is that what they'e calling it these days?

justacoolcat said...

Shamefully, I am a junk chocolate fella, but the wifey would love these truffles, especially the 99%.

mom said...

i'm on deano's side on this one. i don't think he under appreciated the good chocolate, there's room in his heart for ALL chocolate. i love very good chocolate but sometimes i just want a handful of M&M's

magnetbabe said...

I've never seen this side of you! I agree about mixing, especially since chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

runner girl-
You know the deal. You will try one of the flavors of my choice. The flavor will be a compromise between not my favorite but still wanting to impress you with the goodness.

Where u been?! I recommend espresso for the students. Exotic but totally legal.

eating one truffle almost everyday

If that's what they were calling it these days, I'd be a happy girl ;)

coolcat and mom-
junk chocolate has it's place. I've had to have some m&m's while waiting for the truffles and still thoroughly enjoyed them. coolcat, is wifey's b-day coming up? I did provide a link...

Jackie said...

lol magnetbabe! oh, that side of me is alive and kicking, I just try to keep it underwraps, so as not to scare people off, lol.

Although I think Runner Girl is onto something with eating the truffle first... less washing the sheets that way!

DearOldDad said...

Here’s the thing about Legacy chocolates; they’re made from the Criollo cocoa bean, an heirloom variety bean that has been cultivated for over 3,000 years! Not only is it revered as one of the most flavorful chocolates in the world, the cholocatier buys from small scale sustainable farmers in Latin America, helping sustainable agriculture. MB – you can eat them and smile! However, you won’t be eating them for a few days yet...Yesterday, after shlepping back to St. Paul, box of Venezuelan black gold in hand, I learned that Legacy only ships out of their Menomonie, WI store. So here’s the plan, I’m gonna pack these babies up today, store them over night in the coolness of the ‘wine cellar’ and make a bee-line to the post office in the morning, where I will send them in some expedited fashion to your back door. Sorry for such a needless delay; who knew?

Runner Girl FL said...

WOW You really do have the best Dad ever!! :)