Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing New

Maybe I shouldn't open a post with the fact that I really have nothing new to say. But it's true.

Sylvia was in town for the weekend and we had a wonderful time with her. It very laid back and her and Dean spent some much needed mother-son time. Easter was fabulous. We had a big mid-day meal at Carrabba's. Then Dean took a nap and Sylvia and I sat by the pool with Cokes and books relaxing and getting some sun. We moved to the shade after only a half hour but it was too late. I got burnt. Then we watched the Twins game. They didn't complete the sweep against the Evil Empire, but I'll take 2 of 3 any day.

Helium has been a beee-yotch this round. I had four types of samples to look at: (1) Some of my old samples I'm measuring with a different method to try to answer some questions raised to us by a referee from a prestigious journal. We submitted the paper about a six weeks ago and got the reviews back last week. Not being able to completely answer those questions shouldn't prevent us from getting the paper published, but it would put the last nail in the ref's metaphorical coffin. (2) The sample from the future Mr. Magnetbabe, my collaborator who I'm severely crushing on. (3) A sample with very little known about it. Positive results may lead to a high impact journal article. (4) More samples to round out a paper I am currently writing. I can finish writing the paper and get it submitted when I have results from these samples.

1. Inconclusive. I have no idea how to interpret the results.
2. Even worse. Cannot get reproducible results.
3. Negative results.
4. The samples haven't arrived yet. This measurement will have to wait til next helium cycle.


I got my truffles last week which has made me a very happy girl. Due to a minor mistake on my dad's part (which I won't repeat here since I promised him I wouldn't) I've gotten to try two new flavors besides the 99% double. I tried rum and port flavors. Both delectable. Sadly, I couldn't handle the 99%. It kicked my ass.

By the way, happy 23rd birthday Joe Mauer, Li'l Joe, Joe-Joe, Baby Jesus, whatever!


Runner Girl FL said...

Can I have one of those in that picture for your birthday? My birthday is too far away. :)

brainhell said...

> I got my truffles last week

Here's to the end of the dry spell!

magnetbabe said...

Then what do I get for my birthday?

Not that dry spell. Get your euphemisms straight!

mr. schprock said...

Hey, I feel your pain. My experiments with upsidasium haven't been going well either. Last Tuesday I tried to combine it with flubber and now I need a new lab.

Runner Girl FL said...

Dean-o (duh!)....and a special present from me. :)

Scott said...

Mr Schprock, I swear. How do you do it? Perhaps what you need are replacement dilithium crystals. It always worked for Scotty.

magnetbabe said...

I know, I was trying to think of something clever to write back to Schprock, but I was drawing a blank. Schprock-Consider yourself the reigning champion of commenting.