Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby Girls

Dean and I had a wonderful weekend. For the first time since we got married, we went on a date. Saturday afternoon we drove to Orlando for the Magic game. We had rented a room at the Sheraton so that we could enjoy some beers at the game and not have to worry about driving the 70 miles home late at night.

We checked in to the hotel and took advantage of the Starbucks in the lobby. We then walked the half mile to TD Waterhouse Centre because it was such a lovely afternoon. Dean likes to get to arenas early to watch batting practice/shoot around, etc. but we didn't realize that the Waterhouse opened an hour later than we had anticipated. We crossed the street to the Marriott and shared a bucket of beers to kill some time.

Our conversation took a random turn, as usual, and we started discussing baby names. First of all: NO NOT YET. I have plenty more I want to do and learn before I become responsible for another human being. But.... kids names are something I think about quite a bit. I mean, it's as close to defining your child as you can get in the first few moments of his/her life. I want to pick some names and roll them around for a few years to make sure I can live with one, let alone my poor child.

Anyway, I do have a particular name picked out for a daughter that I've liked for several years. Unfortunately, Dean doesn't like it as much as me. It's not that he doesn't like the name in general, but he can't see naming our daughter that name. Plus, it's also the name of a song.

Dean: "I think it's a really pretty name. But I can just see little --- in college getting lured into bed by some frat boy singing that song."

Me: "So? How do you know frat boys will be singing that song in 20 years?"

Dean: "Frat boys will always be singing that song."

Dean had been pushing for a name he thought up for a girl several days ago. I was hoping he would have forgotten about it by now.

Dean: "Oh, c'mon! It's so original! And unique!"

Me: "I don't like it. It's ghetto."

Dean: "No way! It's a lot better than anything you've thought up."

Me: "Yeah right. We can name our next cat that name, but not our daughter."

Dean: "I have an idea. Put both names up on your blog and have people vote on it. Let the people decide."

Me (knowing what y'all would think): "Gladly."

It seemed decided. We turned to watch the Ohio State Michigan game while we finished up our beers. A few minutes later, Dean tapped me nervously on the shoulder.

"Don't put the name on your blog. I don't want anyone stealing it. I can just see you holding the vote and all your friends liking it so much all their little daughters will be named ---. Then I'll really be disappointed."

Sorry guys. I guess you'll have to think up your own names.


Runner Girl FL said...

Is it Seven? hehehe We wouldn't want that to get stolen.

Sylvia said...

It worries me that my grandchildren might be named a name that was thought up after a bucket of beers had been drank.

magnetbabe said...

No, it wasn't Seven, but conversation was eerily similar...

Hahahaha! No, he thought up the name stone cold sober which is the frightening part.

greensunflower said...

If his name ends in eequa of any sort. I am all for your name. Also if it the name of a popular alcohoic drink, especially enjoyed by rappers. I vote you.

mom said...

i hope it's not dixie or bubba!

magnetbabe said...

No, it is not eequa or an alcoholic drink. It's not Dixie or Bubba. It is the name of a city.

Sylvia said...

Please don't name the baby Las Vegas.

Runner Girl FL said...

Savannah is nice. Dallas is a boys name...


brainhell said...

You: Roxanne, he: Detroit.

magnetbabe said...

"Las Vegas"
No, but that's not bad.
LOL, no.

lefty_grrrl said...

Well, you could tell us your name.

-Peggy Sue
-Barbara Ann
-Cecilia (This is my guess, and you wholeheartedly have my vote. I knew a girl named this and people sang this to her all the time, but she was not wooed into bed by frat boys. If you raise a strong, smart girl that won't happen.)
-Eleanor (Rigby)
-Billie Jean
-Jenny (867-5309)

lefty_grrrl said...

His name is Memphis.

Did I ever tell you that FemiMommy once had a girl in her class named St. Louis? Except it was spelled like this, all one word: Saintlouis. You cannot name your kids after cities. It's in the official parenting handbook.

magnetbabe said...

lefty's guess is correct (for mine).

Which official parenting handbook? The one you're writing after the Official Apartment Renter's Rule Book? :)

lefty_grrrl said...

Yes, that one. I suppose I should actually have kids before publishing it, though. You know, for street cred.

Also, I want to point out that my real name is also a song from the '80s. People sang it to me constantly. Believe me, I was never, ever wooed by it. Annoyed. Never wooed. I had two stock responses for dealing with it when people sang it to me (usually the first time they met me): I would either yawn dramatically, or I would say, "Oh, how original!" in mock delight.

Runner Girl FL said...

I LOVE Cecilia!! I would be a little worried about the song too but I do like that one!!

Well if you have 3 daughters please consider Savannah for me. :)

There is a city in the middle of the state: Umatilla. ;) hehehe

magnetbabe said...

Okay, so I guess I have to worry about my friends stealing my choice now. (Just kidding). And BTW, lefty, of course I'm going to raises a strong smart girl. Would you expect any less?!

Savannah's a go for girl #3. Aren't you going to keep that in mind for one of the bazillion kids you're going to have? ;)

gabrielle said...

I love the name Cecelia. Among other things did you know she's the patron saint of music? I wouldn't worry too much about the frat boy're not naming her Layla after all!