Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So even though my Boys got swept in the first round of the playoffs (which traumatized be to the point of not even being able to blog about it), I found comfort in the fact that players are not judged by their post season performance. Despite shitting a huge brick in the playoffs, the Twins had a phenomenal year culminating in one of the most dramatic final season days I have ever seen. These facts did not go unnoticed.

Exhibit A:

Baby Jesus Won the Batting Title.
Okay, people don't vote on this. But it was awesome he got it because he is the first AL catcher ever to get it and his performance was a big reason they did so well. Plus, I just can't resist posting a picture of him.

Exhibit B:

Johan Santana Won the AL Cy Young Award.
His second one in three years, he was voted the winner unanimously. He led the league in wins, strikeouts and ERA.

And now....

Exhibit C:

Justin Morneau Wins AL Most Valuable Player.
Totally made my day. Anytime a Twin beats out a Yankee is an exceptional piece of good news. He really deserved it, it was basically the first year in a very long time we had a legitimate power hitter. Good job Baby Harmon!


greensunflower said...

I want to leave a comment because I love your blog and I like to leave comments because they make me feel so good when I get them BUT


So otherwise have a great and happy first married thanksgiving. I suggest you feed the cats the leftovers.

mom said...

don't forget terry ryan named baseball executive of the year or ron gardenhire voted 2nd in the al for manager of the year-WE KICKED ASS!!! take that DEREK JETER!!!! (am i gloating too much?)

Hot4Teacha said...

Hell yeah Justin won MVP - he so deserved it! Jeter who? What? Uh-uh, I don't think so, Derek. Go back home and cry your pretty eyes out!

magnetbabe said...

gs, you're too cute. You don't have to do baseball, just enjoy the pictures of the hot men. Kitties will get leftovers. They get spoiled on Thanksgiving- I found a turkey carcass behind the dumpster last year. It warmed my heart.

ma, didn't know that about Terry Ryan. That's awesome, he did a great job. However, methinks he should have been named exec two years ago after the Pierzynski for Nathan-Lirano-Bonser trade...
Congrats to Gardy also. He didn't win so he didn't make the blog of fame. Plus, he doesn't fit in with the "hot as hell" underlying theme of this post.

magnetbabe said...

I just missed you. Way to get your hate on!

dancingo4 said...

Agreed. Delicious posting. Gotta love these boys. Although I am now a little traumatized by the fact that they are all younger than us. That is kind of a weird feeling.

The boys just got back Vegas, baby, Vegas and apparently it was the best bacherlor party ever. I liked your stories out of Vegas way better than the ones they are telling. Yikes.

Counting down day to see you and your hubby!!

Jackie said...

Woohooo! Go Justin Morneau! (he's a Canadian, how can I not love him??) lol, oh ya, and congrats to the rest of those guys... lol ;)

minnesotablue said...

Saw the interview with Justin shortly afte the announcment and it was the first time I had ever seen him smile! Way to go Justin, Joe, Tori, Santana and the rest of the gang!!Just goes to show that you don't always need a trillion dollar payroll to be the best!

Runner Girl FL said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful husband and all of your extended real and blogger family!!

Hi Mom, Hi Dear ole Dad!! Happy Turkey Day


Anonymous said...

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